Levemir FlexPen Is Changing to Levemir FlexTouch

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The delivery method of some drugs may be phased out or changed for a few reasons—sometimes a change might be required, like when CFC inhalers for asthma were found to be bad for the environment and replaced by the environmentally friendly HFA inhalers. Manufacturers may also find a better way to deliver their medication that makes it easier to use, and discontinue the older version.

The latest medication to be phased out is the Levemir FlexPen. The FlexPen will eventually be replaced by the Levemir FlexTouch insulin pen.

Levemir is a long-acting insulin for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It is currently available in vials, FlexPens, and now FlexTouch pens.

Why is the FlexPen being phased out?

The FlexPen is being phased out because the manufacturer Novo NorDisk has come up with a new pen design, the FlexTouch, which is easier to use.

What makes the FlexTouch Pen different?

The new FlexTouch pen has no push-button extension, and instead uses a unique spring-loading dosing mechanism.

On other pens, the higher the dose, the more the push-button will extend out of the pen, making it more difficult to push to inject. On the FlexTouch, no matter what the dose, the button does not extend, making it easier to push.

Which pen needles does the FlexTouch pen use?

The FlexTouch Pen is compatible with NovoTwist needles, regular NovoFine needles, and “screw-fit” needles.

Are there any other similar long-acting insulins?

Yes. Lantus is a long-acting insulin similar to Levemir. It is also available in vials and pens—the Lantus pen is the SoloStar.

Is the Lantus SoloStar Pen closer to the old Levemir FlexPen or the new FlexTouch Pen?

The Lantus SoloStar pen is similar to the old Levemir FlexPen.

Both the SoloStar and FlexPen have the dial-in dosing with push-button injection. If you have a high dose and are looking for the non-extending push-button, Levemir will be your only option for the time being.

Looking for more information?

Novo Nordisk offers a good Q&A on the new FlexTouch pen here.

You can also find a description and demonstration of the FlexTouch pen here, and information on the old FlexPen here.

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