Vickie Saves Over $850 a Year on Rosacea Treatment with GoodRx

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Vickie is a self-employed realtor in Titusville, Florida – and she doesn’t have health insurance. What she does have are three conditions that require long-term medications. With irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), rosacea, and upper esophageal issues, she’s been shopping around for lower drug prices the last 10 years by calling drugstores to ask for prices. Finding out about GoodRx has not only saves her time, but $850-$900 a year on medications.

Vickie, currently 60 years old, says she’s ineligible for Medicaid in her state, so she’s had no other choice than to pay for her prescription drugs out-of-pocket for the past decade or so. Her husband is retired and taken care of by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) – the irony being that he doesn’t have any medical needs even though they would be covered.

When her regular pharmacy closed up shop about 5 months ago, Vickie started looking for prescription discounts. She had remembered seeing a GoodRx advertisement online and also receiving a GoodRx card in the mail. She went on the GoodRx website to look up her medications and was shocked by the savings.

Vickie broke her medication costs down for us: To treat her rosacea, she needs doxycycline (Vibramycin), a generic antibiotic, and nystatin / triamcinolone (Mytrex F), an expensive steroid cream. Doxycycline is notorious for having huge price hikes; Vickie has seen it cost anywhere between $250 and $1,000 for 90 pills. In the past, she’s had to resort to either skipping doses to stretch her prescription out, or looking at overseas purchasing options. With GoodRx, she now pays $90 for a three-month supply, which amounts to at least 64% in savings.

The nystatin / triamcinolone cream was prescribed as a longer-term solution than an oral steroid, which most people take for a shorter period of time. She used to pay $250 for a six-ounce tube. With a GoodRx coupon, the same tube costs $25 and lasts a whole year.

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The savings Vickie gets for her rosacea treatment comes to roughly $865 a year. She says her other medications are affordable even without insurance, but she’s always sure to check GoodRx whenever she fills a prescription to make sure she’s not overpaying.

When she’s not working and taking care of Houston, her 28 lb Maine Coone cat, Vickie goes to meetups with the Space Coast Volunteers in Medicine, a free clinic that provides free medical and dental care to uninsured residents of her area. She’s been spreading the word about GoodRx and telling them about the money she’s saved – thanks for being an advocate, Vickie!



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