From Student To Teacher: How GoodRx Helped A Mother Of 3

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Amanda, 32, is a mother of three and a kindergarten teacher at a public school in Missouri. When flu season hit this year, like most parents, she was concerned about keeping her kids healthy. So when two of them came down with the flu, she was surprised to see how expensive medication would be.

Even though her children have insurance, oseltamivir (the generic version of Tamiflu) was still remarkably expensive. That’s when she remembered to look on GoodRx, and sure enough, the price was better than what she would’ve had to pay with insurance.

“The GoodRx price for Tamiflu was cheaper than Aetna’s price so we used that discount instead of insurance.”

When it comes to anything health related, Amanda is eager to try and save where she can. Her oldest son was born with a congenital heart defect and his cardiologist check-ups are expensive even after insurance, so every bit counts. But her story with GoodRx starts even further back.

Amanda had her sons, now between 1 and 14 years old, while studying and working towards her degree in Early Childhood Education. Being a student and mom, all while also putting in 40 hours/week as a manager at McDonald’s, meant that she did not have access to affordable health insurance.

Amanda had been diagnosed with adult ADHD years before, but she was trying to cope without medication. When she was really struggling to concentrate on her studies, she finally decided to give treatment a try. The first medication her doctor prescribed was affordable but had unwelcome side effects, so she was switched to Adderall XR – only it was much more expensive at $220 a month without insurance.

With three kids to take care of, this wasn’t something Amanda could afford every month, so she began looking online for coupons for medicine. And that’s how she came across GoodRx. Now she would only have to pay $67 at her local Walgreens.

“I wasn’t sure if GoodRx would work, but I figured all the pharmacist could do was tell me no. I gave the code to the cashier and to my delight, it worked.”

Since graduating and becoming a teacher, Amanda now has health insurance through her work. She says she still uses GoodRx, though, when she hasn’t met her prescription deductible yet and the prices are better than what her insurance would charge. And she keeps an eye out for savings on her children’s medications as well.

“I am grateful that I found GoodRx when I did because it helped me through my final semester.”

It’s always surprising, and humbling, to hear how long some GoodRx users have been with us, and we’re so glad to be able to help Amanda and her family throughout their journey.

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