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Hysingla ER: A New, Safer Hydrodone-Only Option

by The GoodRx Pharmacist on December 3, 2014 at 2:55 pm

Hysingla ER (hydrocodone extended release) is now approved by the FDA, and it is the first of its kind! It is the ONLY extended-release abuse-deterrent hydrocodone product that does not also contain acetaminophen or any other type of analgesic pain reliever.

What does abuse-deterrent mean?

“Abuse-deterrent,” for medications like Hysingla ER, means that the medication has properties that are expected to reduce, but not totally prevent, abuse. Abuse in this case would be using a medication in any way that is not intended by the manufacturer, such as chewing, crushing, snorting, or injecting.

How is Hysingla ER available?
Hysingla ER is an extended-release tablet, available in the following strengths: 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, 80 mg, 100 mg, and 120 mg.

How should it be taken?
Hysingla ER is taken every 24 hours and is NOT to be used on an as-needed basis like other hydrocodone-containing medications. It is a class II extended-release narcotic used for the management of severe pain that requires around-the-clock treatment.

When will Hysingla ER be available in pharmacies?

According to the manufacturer, Hysingla ER is expected to be available by February 2015.

What about Zohydro ER?

There is one other hydrocone-only option, Zohydro ER, approved in October 2013 despite heavy protest. Zohydro ER has caused a lot of controversy because it was approved without any abuse-deterrent properties. This means the potential for abuse is higher with Zohydro ER than with the newly approved Hysingla ER.

What makes Hysingla ER safer?
Zohydro ER, as mentioned above, has not been formulated to reduce or prevent abuse. Hysingla ER, on the other hand, has been formulated to reduce (but still not totally prevent) abuse of the drug if someone tried to chew when taken orally, or crush the pill and snort or inject it.

The Hysingla ER tablet is difficult to crush, break, or dissolve, and forms a thick gel that cannot be easily prepared for injection.

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