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Tori Marsh
Tori Marsh, MPH, is on the Research Team at GoodRx, and is the resident expert on drug pricing and savings.
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At GoodRx, we are committed to finding you the best savings on your prescriptions, and we have some good news. Today, we’re excited to announce new lower prices on some popular prescriptions at Walgreens. Our already discounted prices have dropped even lower – by as much as 70% in some cases.

These deeper discounts are available on many drugs at Walgreens, including terrific savings on these popular medications:

Savings at Walgreens
Drug Percent savings What is it for?
sildenafil  40% lower Erectile dysfunction
omeprazole 52% lower Heartburn & GERD
atorvastatin  63% lower  High cholesterol
valacyclovir  23% lower Viral infections
losartan  45% lower High blood pressure
hydroxychloroquine  53% lower Rheumatoid arthritis
venlafaxine er 72% lower Depression & anxiety
bupropion xl 60% lower Depression
celecoxib 74% lower Arthritis
doxycycline hyclate 56% lower Antibiotic
phentermine 47% lower Appetite suppressant
ofloxacin 49% lower Bacterial infections
finasteride 70% lower Hair loss
aripiprazole 75% lower Antipsychotic
duloxetine 25% lower Depression & anxiety
dorzolamide 41% lower Glaucoma
atorvastatin 75% lower High cholesterol
tamsulosin 68% lower Benign prostatic hyperplasia
montelukast 60% lower Asthma & allergies
ondansetron 25% lower Nausea

Do you normally fill your prescription elsewhere? If there is a Walgreens near you, you may want to consider switching pharmacies. Make sure you bring your GoodRx coupon to the pharmacy with you!

It’s never been more important to shop around. But why?

Whether you see your costs at your regular pharmacy go up or down, we always recommend checking GoodRx every time you fill for the latest coupons and discounts. We never want you to be surprised when you pick up your prescription.

To make sure you get the best price, simply print, text, or email yourself a new coupon for your next refill. If you have our mobile app, just ask your pharmacist to enter the new coupon information you’ll find on the app.

Disclaimer: GoodRx prices are subject to change. So we always recommend checking GoodRx every time you fill to see the latest coupons and discounts. 

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