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At GoodRx, we are always trying to make prescriptions more affordable for Americans. But drugs are still too expensive, especially brand-only medications. Unlike generic medications, brand-name drugs only have one manufacturer, which reduces competition and allows manufacturers to price the brand drug as they see fit.

In order to help people afford their brand-name drugs, last May, we launched the InsideRx program on GoodRx that offers an average of 34% off over 100 brand-name prescriptions. Today, we are excited to announce discounts on even more brand-name drugs.

Drug  Dose  % Savings
Qvar 10.6g of 40mcg 43% off retail price
Duavee 0.45mg/20mg 36% off retail price
Flector 1.30% 36% off retail price
Genotropin 7 miniquick devices of 0.6mg 73% off retail price
Lyrica 75mg 30% off retail price
Lyrica CR 330mg 28% off retail price
Premarin 0.625mg 37% off retail price
Premphase 28 tablets 36% off retail price
Prempro 28 tablets of 0.3mg/1.5mg 29% off retail price
Quillichew er 20mg  37% off retail price
Toviaz 8mg 48% off retail price


For a list of all brand name drugs covered under this program, see our list here. These coupons are easy to use. There are no fees, forms, paperwork or sign-ups required, and discounts work at most major pharmacy chains. Keep in mind that there are a few restrictions – read about them here in our FAQ.

We know that many brand-name drugs are still too expensive, and we are continuing to expand the InsideRx program. We’ll be adding more drugs and discounts soon. If you take a prescription that is too expensive, contact us at 1-855-446-4051 and we’ll make finding a lower price for your prescription a priority.

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