FDA Issues Recall for Taytulla Birth Control Pills Due to Packaging Error

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On May 29th, 2018, Allergan Pharmaceuticals announced a nationwide recall for Taytulla birth control pills over reports that its placebo capsules were placed out of order.

Taytulla is an oral contraceptive used to prevent ovulation, pregnancy, and in some cases, acne. Normal packaging for Taytulla contains 21 pills with hormones, followed by seven placebo pills without hormones at the end of each pack. In the recalled package, the placebo pills are placed out of order, leaving women at risk for unintended pregnancy.

At this time, there have not been any complaints or reports of harmful side effects.

Which products were affected?

The recalled packs were dispensed as samples to physicians. In this recall, only one lot has been affected:

What do I do if I think I have a recalled package?

If you received a Taytulla sample from your doctor, do not open it. Instead, contact the manufacturer, Allergan, by phone at 800-678-1605. Additionally, you may contact your physician or healthcare provider with any questions.

As always, inspect your medications and all parts of their packaging. If you ever notice that a medication doesn’t look or smell right, contact the manufacturer or ask your pharmacist for more information. You can also notify the FDA’s MedWatch Reporting Program, which investigates reports related to problems with medical products.

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