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What’s the Best Iron Supplement?

by Dr. Sharon Orrange on May 22, 2014 at 9:33 am

There is a new iron supplement trending in the medical community called pur-Absorb and it’s worth getting to know. Not everyone needs to take iron supplements, which is a good thing because they can be constipating and irritating to the stomach. Many folks taking iron stop it because of side effects. Ferrous sulfate (FeSo4) is a common supplement used for iron deficiency but there is a new kid on the block. For iron deficient men and women, vegetarians and vegans and pregnant women, pur-Absorb may be something for you.

What should you know about taking iron:

  • The recommended daily allowance of iron is 18 mg, which corresponds to 3.15 mg of absorbed iron. This is because only 18% of iron you eat in your diet is actually absorbed and available for your body to use.
  • pur-Absorb has done their research and published results, which is unusual for a supplement. Pur-Absorb is much better absorbed than other iron supplements allowing you to take less iron. Results published in the Scand J Haematol showed that one dose of Pur-absorb had a high absorption rate of at least 40% (2mg), providing the daily absorbed iron needs for 80% of menstruating women.
  • Because of this higher absorption rate one dose of pur-Absorb (5 mg) meets the daily iron needs for 80% of menstruating women. One dose.
  • The lower the dose of iron consumed, the less likely you are to have side effects.
  • Compare this (5 mg) to traditional over the counter iron supplements which contain 65 mg of iron (ferrous sulfate) or 45 mg of iron (Feosol). That much iron can cause constipation and GI upset.
  • pur-Absorb (and no, I don’t have a stake in this company nor do I know them) comes with 28 doses in 1 box and can be taken straight from the packet or mixed with orange juice.

Good deal . . .

Dr O.

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