It’s Save Money on Your Medicine Week!

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This April 7 to April 14, it’s National Save Money on Your Meds Week – brought to you by the great folks at Consumer Reports.

GoodRx is proud to support this week, and we’re glad to be part of the effort to help people save on their medicine.

After all, that’s why we started GoodRx: to create a trustworthy, accurate resource for consumers to find the best ways to save on their drugs. We work hard to keep our prices up to date, and we work with pharmacies and partners to bring you the lowest possible prices. Since 2012, Americans have saved many billions – that’s with a B – of dollars using GoodRx. And we’re just getting started.

Consumer Reports suggests consumers get a “medication cost-savings checkup” from their pharmacists. It’s as easy as asking 3 questions:

  1. Are any of my medications prescribed as a generic?
  2. Would a 90-day fill save me money?
  3. Are there other discounts or programs that could lower my costs?

These are great questions – the same ones we encourage people to ask every day. And of course a lot of this information is available on GoodRx. But Consumer Reports is right that it’s always a good practice to check and we’re eager for people to ask these questions, and to check their pharmacist’s answer against the information at GoodRx. If they can offer a better deal, we’d love to know (we’re always trying to get better!).

So this week is a great week to visit your pharmacist and ask them to help you save more.

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