Here’s How to Use GoodRx in Your Practice

Dr. Sharon Orrange
Dr. Orrange is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Division of Geriatric, Hospitalist and General Internal Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.
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As both an advisor to GoodRx and physician who uses it regularly in a busy private practice, I wanted to pass along the most effective ways to save money for patients using GoodRx. Not only are our patients more willing to take their medications if they can afford them, but the savings they glean can change their lives, literally. If patients can get the prescriptions they need at a price they can afford – we all win.

Know these tips.

GoodRx can beat the co-pay price

If patients tell you their co-pay has gone up, and they are on a generic medication, check the GoodRx price. Oftentimes, using a GoodRx coupon can beat your patient’s copay.

Common examples include atorvastatin that is $17-20 for 90 tablets, levothyroxine for $20-25 for 90 tablets, and more! The list goes on.

Consider a 90-day supply

Filling 90-days at a time improves medication adherence, so allow your patients to receive a 90 day supply rather than a 30 day supply at their local pharmacy instead of relying on mail-in pharmacies. You can send a 90-day prescription and have the patient pay cash using GoodRx instead of being restricted to 30-day supplies as set by their insurance plan.

Save your patient from prior authorizations

If your patient’s insurance is asking you to initiate a prior authorization for a generic medication, check the coupons on GoodRx. Rather than filling out the paperwork and waiting for a response, GoodRx can often beat the co-pay price.

Write prescriptions for over the counter medications

GoodRx coupons can also help your patients save on over the counter products, but they will need a prescription from you to use a coupon. When insurance plans stop covering medications that are now available over the counter, write a prescription for the over the counter product. Coupons work great for over the counter allergy medications, test strips, and antihistamines, and GoodRx coupons are much cheaper than paying over-the-counter prices.

There’s still hope if a medication isn’t covered by insurance

Look to GoodRx for your patients if their drug isn’t covered by insurance. Viagra, Retin-A, Zolpidem, travel meds, and more are affordable through GoodRx.

Use GoodRx if a drug was dropped off your patient’s formulary

Why fix it if it’s not broken? Sometimes insurers request that patients change their medication to a different one that is covered. Common examples include a switch from irbesartan to valsartan or escitalopram to citalopram. If this has happened to your patient, check GoodRx before switching someone just because there is a formulary change.

GoodRx is perfect for underinsured and uninsured patients

For folks in between insurance or with COBRA and their prescription coverage isn’t good, GoodRx will help them afford the meds they need while under or uninsured.

With GoodRx it’s never too early to refill

If a patient is traveling and forgot their meds or lost them, just have them use GoodRx to find the best cash price and pay cash for the prescription and forget fighting with the insurance company.

Hope this helps.

Dr O.

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