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If you’re reading this, it’s too late: Our new look for the GoodRx blog is already live.

We’re really excited about it, for more reasons than that it looks prettier than the previous blog. This new format lets us do a few new things.

We’re organizing our content into five different channels:

The first two categories will be familiar. We’ll continue to offer our inside knowledge on how to save money on your medications, and  we’ll continue to feature the amazing expertise you’ve come to expect from Dr. Sharon Orrange and our pharmacist, Roni Shye. Every week, they bring you practical, hard-won knowledge from the front lines of medicine.

In the new Community & People channel, we’ll talk to real people – mothers, fathers, patients, care-givers – who are using GoodRx to find the best prices for their medications, prices that can often mean the difference between filling a prescription or skipping the pharmacy altogether. And we’ll talk with doctors and nurses and researchers who are trying to help their patients access and afford their drugs.

And in the Data & Insights channel, you’ll see sharp analysis and insights from our posse of researchers and economists. Drugs and drug prices have been very much in the news lately, and as part of our mission at GoodRx to help consumers, we’re dedicating more resources to telling stories with data, bolstered with engaging visualizations. Expect to see new analysis here every week.

We look forward to telling more stories and helping bring more clarity to drug pricing in the days ahead. Let us know if you have any ideas for stories to tackle, or advice about what we could do better – help@goodrx.com .

And last but not least: A shout-out to the amazing GoodRx team of engineers and designers who put this new blog together. We’re lucky to work with such an amazing team, all of them dedicated to our shared mission of helping people access the medicine they need. Thanks for your hard work – we’ll try not to break this thing. 

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