Introducing the GoodRx Pill Identifier

Elizabeth Davis
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Can’t remember the name of a prescription, or having trouble telling which pill is which? Try the new GoodRx Pill Identifier!

Search by imprint (the text and markings on the pill), shape, and color to find the name and strength of your prescription, or browse using our list of popular imprints.

If you have your pills but not the original package, or if you can’t remember the exact name of your prescription, the pill identifier can still help you find prices and information. Once you’ve found a match for your medication, you can click the “View Prices” button to take you straight to page with local results for your prescription.

Even if you aren’t looking for a refill, just telling your pills apart can be important. Say you have two kinds of white, oval, unscored tablets in your pill box—even if you know one is your (once a day) 20 mg Lipitor and the other is your (twice a day) 500 mg metformin, you can check the imprints to be sure you don’t take the wrong pill at the wrong time. (In this case, the pills marked “PD 156” are the Lipitor 20 mg, and the tablets imprinted “48” on one side and “93” on the other are the metformin 500 mg.)

You can find the pill identifier from the Tools drop down in the yellow header at the top of any page of GoodRx, or just follow this link:

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