Here’s Why Doctors Use GoodRx With Their Patients

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Katie Mui
Katie Mui is on the Research Team at GoodRx.
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You prescribe your patients medicine to help them get better. Can you help them understand drug costs, too? With GoodRx, the answer is yes.

Patients look to their doctors and health professionals for answers about their health, but as health insurance and prescription pricing standards shift over time, patients are increasingly seeking advice on the cost of their drug as well.   

It’s hard for anybody to know everything about drug pricing, let alone what any medication might cost at the pharmacy. GoodRx is here to bridge that gap by giving doctors drug price info so they can advise their patients with confidence and accuracy.

How does GoodRx help physicians?

  1. Better adherence = better outcomes. If a patient can’t afford their medication, they are less likely to stay on their treatment course which will ultimately hurt their health even more. As a physician, you can encourage positive outcomes by ensuring patients have access to low drug prices and savings.
  2. Better patient satisfaction. Patients feel the impact of rising prescription costs every day. Tools like GoodRx can help patients feel empowered and knowledgeable about their health choices, and build trust between doctor and patient.
  3. Dedicated customer support. GoodRx offers real-time support (online help center or call 888-799-2553) to anyone who needs help checking their drug costs or getting their prescription filled. We have a large team of patient advocates trained to help, and physicians can offer patients these services through GoodRx for free.
  4. Saving time and money for the practice. Medical practices save time by having all the information they need in one place – be it the GoodRx physician mobile app, EHR integrations, or the GoodRx website. In fact, a dermatologist submitted a cost analysis study to JAAD, saying “my office has needed to hire one less office staff member and that I save about 1-2 hours of my time per week.”
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GoodRx currently partners with about 200,000 medical practices to offer value-add services and help physicians take better care of their patients. And we often see this in action online, too:

Dr. Shane on Twitter

@RosenthalHealth Airduo generic form of advaire available at Walgreens with GoodRx for $50. I have a lot patients using it.

Joel Topf, MD FACP on Twitter

@RossNesbit @hswapnil @NephRodby @KatieKwonMD @medrants @S_brimble Tell your patients to use GoodRx. Ten-fold price spread.

Samantha S., RN, BSN on Twitter

@webbbieone @CateIynnLoweII Love that app! Good ol UHG doesn’t cover mine, I tell my old folks how to use it all the time. Once helped a lady with an antibiotic not covered by Medicare that was around $280, and goodrx brought it down to $85ish. Still high but WAY better!

The bottom line is, doctors, nurses, and other providers are trusted advisors when it comes to managing their patients’ health – and that often includes making sense of drug pricing. GoodRx is essentially a free prescription savings adherence tool for medical practices.

Want to get started? Request a free Doctor Kit, which comes with printed materials for your office, like brochures and counter cards.

You can also read more about the benefits physicians get from helping patients reduce their prescription costs in this recent interview. 

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