GoodRx, Now Available on an Alexa Device Near You

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“Alexa, tell GoodRx to help me find savings on Synthroid.”

Introducing a new way to find the cheapest prescription drugs – it’s even hands-free! We’ve built a voice-activated app so people with Alexa-enabled devices can now ask their personal assistant to look up where they can get their medications at the lowest price.

Here’s how it works: Say “Open GoodRx” to start up the app and you’ll be asked which drug you’re looking for. After confirming your dosage and formulation, Alexa will list out several nearby retail pharmacies that carry the medication, sorted by price. You can be a little more demanding by asking for a specific pharmacy, or get the GoodRx coupon texted directly to your phone. You can even set up refill reminders.

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With the increasing accessibility of smart homes and smart devices, voice interaction was the next logical step, as we’re not always around a screen 24/7. GoodRx users come to our site with one main goal in mind – and now they can do it by just talking. We hope the ease of the Alexa app can help busy patients at home, and also doctors so they can instantly find prices with patients in the office.

Want to try it out yourself? Here are some example commands to activate the app:

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