FDA Approves Duzallo for Gout

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Roni Shye, PharmD BCGP BCACP, is a licensed pharmacist in the states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
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Gout is a form of arthritis that affects the joints and can cause severe pain, redness, tenderness, and inflammation. Typically, gout is caused by a build-up of uric acid.

Recently, the FDA approved Duzallo, a new combination medication for the treatment of gout.

What is Duzallo indicated for?

Duzallo is a combination medication indicated for the treatment of hyperuricemia associated with gout. It is specifically for patients who have not achieved target serum uric acid levels allopurinol alone. 

Duzallo combines tw0 gout medications, Zurampic (lesinurad) and Zyloprim (allopurinol), into a convenient once-daily regimen. Duzallo is the 1st FDA approved fixed-dose combination treatment for patients with gout that addresses both the increased production of uric acid as well as the decreased elimination of uric acid.

Who is at risk for gout?

The following conditions may put you at risk for gout: led exposure, high blood pressure, kidney problems, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, cancer, Kelly Seegmiller syndrome, and Lesch-Nyhan syndrome. 

How is Duzallo to be taken?

The recommended dose of Duzallo is one tablet once daily. It is available as a combination tablet in the strength of 200 mg/200 mg and 200 mg/300 mg  Be sure to stay hydrated while taking this medication.

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What are the common side effects associated with Duzallo?

The most common side effects associated with Duzallo include headache, influenza, higher levels of blood creatinine, and heartburn.

When will Duzallo be available?

The manufacturer of Duzallo, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, expects Duzallo to be available early in the 4th quarter of 2017.  

For more information on Duzallo, see the press announcement from the manufacturer, Ironwood, here or visit the drug website here.

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