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Jay, an Indianapolis native, is the proud and loving owner of five dobermans. His two oldest, siblings Lacy Ann and Lex, both have health issues that require medication management, which Jay wouldn’t be able to afford without GoodRx. 

Along with his other dogs Jasmine, Lilly, and Star, Lacy Ann and Lex are all show dogs. Jay started off as an owner and professional handler, but warmed up to the idea of entering his own dogs when a client of his suggested it. They’ve won several awards over the years, and we could tell by the way Jay talks about them that he loves them a great deal and takes amazing care of them. All the more reason why, in his own words, “GoodRx is a lifesaver”.

It all started last December, when Lacey Ann was due for surgery. Since she has von Willebrand disease (a common disorder that prevents blood from clotting), she needed desmopressin (Ddavp) nasal spray on hand to help prevent excessive bleeding. Through the vet, it costs around $225.

Lacey Ann had previously needed the same medication when she was spayed four years ago, and Jay paid the $200 it cost at the time to get it. This time around, the vet suggested looking up prices for desmopressin on GoodRx and offered to call it in to any of the pharmacies that would accept GoodRx coupons for pets. Jay was able to get Lacey Ann’s nasal spray for $87 at a nearby pharmacy, saving nearly 61%.

As for Lex — he had suddenly developed a cough back in March that worsened drastically over a period of 24 hours. A chest x-ray at the vet revealed that his heart was very enlarged (a.k.a. dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM). He was diagnosed with heart failure in the left heart chamber, and it was quickly spreading to the other side. Heart failure, when caught early enough, can be reversed with the right monitoring and therapies.

Lex is currently on six different medications, four of which Jay fills at two different pharmacies with GoodRx coupons. (He has to order the other two from a speciality pet pharmacy.) In total, he saves about $120 a month using GoodRx discounts, with the largest amount he saves being $67-80 for lasix (Furosemide), depending on where he gets it.

Jay says it’s incredible that he can save $10 between two different pharmacies. Since he’s spending $170 a month on Lex’s medication, every penny counts. Jay adds, “I tell all the other dog and puppy owners about GoodRx. It’s nice to know it’s out there. Most people don’t know about it.”

Jay spent most of our phone call gushing over Lex, who he called his best friend and “a gentle giant”. Lex is an “Ambassador to the Breed”, and he’s often introduced to people who are afraid of big dogs. Having been with Jay since he was a puppy, Lex is as calm as a cucumber and can read Jay’s emotions — he’ll only ever get defensive if he senses Jay is alarmed or stressed.

Because of how well trained he is, Lex is actually on his way to becoming certified as a therapy dog. With a Rally Advance award from the American Kennel Club under his belt, he is now eligible for the Therapy Dog Program, which he’ll complete once he recovers from his condition.

Jay was happy to report that after several months of twice-daily medications and supervised training, Lex has rebounded and is on his way to a full recovery — a huge sigh of relief since the prognosis for DCM is typically (and sadly) death within 30-60 days from initial diagnosis. 

We were curious to learn more about Lex’s role as a therapy dog: Once he’s officially certified, he and Jay will be able to go to children’s hospitals and nursing homes, where he’ll lay down and interact with patients and residents. Jay explains that therapy animals can greatly help reduce people’s stress and anxiety just by letting people put their hands on them and play with them.

It goes without saying that we’re completely ecstatic that Lex is now in good health, and that he’ll be able to bring joy to those in need.



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