6 Ways Patients Can Make the Most of GoodRx, According to Pharmacy Technicians

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Katie Mui is on the Research Team at GoodRx.
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Pharmacy technicians are often the unsung heroes when it comes to patient care. They are the first and last point of contact with patients at the pharmacy, making sure they receive the right medication and understand how to take them correctly. On Pharmacy Technician Day earlier this month, we had the opportunity to celebrate pharmacy technicians and show our appreciation by hosting a meetup in Los Angeles, California.

We were delighted to meet so many passionate pharmacy technicians at the event! We also learned about some common questions their patients have about using GoodRx to save money. Below, we share some valuable insights from these conversations and how GoodRx may help you.



GoodRx is not too good to be true—just ask! Our users often tell us they’re skeptical when they first come across GoodRx. But we also hear that once they realize there’s nothing to lose, they decide to ask their pharmacist about GoodRx and find out the savings are real.


GoodRx lists prices from 10 different coupon networks. While many prescription coupons can help you save, GoodRx compares prices from different pharmacies and coupon networks to get you the lowest price possible. It’s not about getting you to use a GoodRx coupon—it’s about helping you save the most money.


GoodRx has Spanish-speaking customer support agents. Spanish-speaking patients can call 1-888-799-2553 and be connected with GoodRx Advocates who can help with any questions or issues that may come up with using GoodRx. If you’re ever in doubt, just give us a call!



Check GoodRx for the best place to get your refill after a hospital pharmacy visit. Many uninsured patients end up in the hospital or ER for treatment and pick up their medications at the hospital pharmacy. The GoodRx mobile app or website is a good place to start when the hospital pharmacist asks where to send your refills. Just put in your zip code and choose your preferred pharmacy. Remember to check GoodRx again when it’s time for your refill, though. Prices change frequently and your medication might be cheaper at another pharmacy. Plus, transferring prescriptions is easy.


GoodRx coupons work on vaccines, too. With flu season officially underway, now is a good time to review how to use GoodRx for vaccines. It works a little differently from getting the vaccine through insurance, though; you’ll receive the vial or syringe containing the medicine, but you may have to pay an administrative fee for the pharmacist to administer it, or you can take it to your doctor.


Check the GoodRx blog for more savings tips and FDA announcements. GoodRx is dedicated to helping Americans find affordable medications, and that includes providing up-to-date reports on drug news and savings. Our doctor and pharmacist writers often share “insider” knowledge about medical conditions and prescription drugs. We also have a team of researchers who will keep you informed about FDA drug recalls and approvals and even more ways to save on both brand-name and generic drugs.


Thank you to all the pharmacy technicians who came to the event. We hope to see you at the next one!


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