The GoodRx Top 10 (November 2018)

What are the most expensive drugs in the United States? To answer this question, GoodRx maintains a list of the most expensive medications prescribed on an outpatient basis (ie, filled at retail pharmacies, not administered by doctors in hospitals). To create this list, GoodRx compiles list prices from the manufacturer for outpatient medications, and calculates a cost estimate based on typical fill quantity for that drug. In general, prices are based on a one-month supply of the most commonly prescribed form, dosage and quantity. Last updated November 7th, 2018.

Rank Drug List Price
Actimmune (interferon gamma-1b)
Drug Class: Interferon Gammas
53,321 See Prices
Actimmune (interferon gamma-1b) is approved to treat osteopetrosis and chronic granulomatous disease, a rare disorder that causes the immune system to malfunction. Patients typically take Actimmune three times a week, and on average will go through about 12 single-use vials a month at $4,360 per vial.
White Round Daraprim A3A - Daraprim 25mg Tablet
Daraprim (pyrimethamine)
45,000 See Prices
Daraprim (pyrimethamine) is commonly given to AIDS and transplant patients to prevent infection and is used to treat toxoplasmosis in otherwise healthy people. Patients typically take 60 tablets per month at $750 per tablet.
Cinryze (c1 esterase inhibitor [human])
Drug Class: C1 Inhibitors
44,140 See Prices
Cinryze (c1 esterase inhibitor [human]) is used to treat hereditary angioedema, a rare life-threatening genetic condition that causes swelling in various parts of the body including hands, face and throat. Patients typically use 16 vials per month at $2,758 per vial.
Chenodal (chenodeoxycholic acid)
Drug Class: Bile Acids
42,750 See Prices
Chenodal (chenodeoxycholic acid) is a synthetic bile acid used to dissolve gallstones. While many patients take 90 tablets per month, some can take as many at 210 tablets per month at $473 tablet.
Myalept (metreleptin)
Drug Class: Leptin Analogues
42,137 See Prices
Myalept (metreleptin) is an orphan drug used to treat leptin deficiency in patients with generalized lipodystrophy. Myalept is self-administered once-daily, and patients are typically prescribed 10 vials per month at $4,213 per vial.
H.P. Acthar (corticotropin)
38,892 See Prices
H.P Acthar (corticotropin) is used to treat Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and infantile spasms, among other conditions. Patients are usually prescribed one vial per month, which is priced at $38,892.
Orange A733 5 Mg - Juxtapid 5mg Capsule
Juxtapid (lomitapide)
Drug Class: MTP Inhibitors
36,992 See Prices
Juxtapid (lomitapide) is used to treat people with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, a gene mutation that leads to cardiovascular disease. Patients typically take 28 capsules a month with a list price of $1,321 per capsule.
Firazyr (icatibant)
32,468 See Prices
Firazyr (icatibant) is used to treat angioedema, swelling that affects the deep layer of skin and tissue. Patients suffer an average of two to four angioedema attacks per month, most fill one carton (3 syringes) of Firazyr every month at a list price of $32,468.
Orange Diamond Gsi And 7985 - Harvoni 90mg-400mg Tablet
Harvoni (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir)
31,500 See Prices
Harvoni (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir) is the first once-daily combination drug used to treat Hepatitis C. Patients typically take Harvoni for 12 weeks, and a one-month supply runs at $31,500 for 28 tablets.
White Msd 602 Cuprimine - Cuprimine 250mg Capsule
Cuprimine (penicillamine)
Drug Class: Antirheumatics
31,426 See Prices
Cuprimine (penicillamine) is used to remove copper build up caused by Wilson’s disease. Patients take one capsule of Cuprimine after every meal, with a list price of of $261.89 per tablet.

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