Kicking Off Diabetes Awareness Month: What Glucose Meter Is Best For Me?

Roni Shye
Roni Shye, PharmD BCGP BCACP, is a licensed pharmacist in the states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
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November is National Diabetes Awareness month!

While you might think that this is just another made-up holiday, similar to National Chocolate Fondue day, you’re wrong! Diabetes Awareness Month has a very important purpose. The National Institute of Health and American Diabetes Association uses November to raise awareness about diabetes risk-factors and life-threatening complications, and promote preventative behaviors.

Why is this important? In 2015, 30.3 million (9.5% of the population) people had diabetes, and about half of all Americans with diabetes went undiagnosed. Diabetes can lead to life-threatening complications, like nerve and kidney damage, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases, or even eye damage. Fortunately, most cases of diabetes can be prevented with a healthy diet and regular exercise, and with proper management, severe complications can be avoided.

This November, our team at GoodRx will be bringing you more information about affording your diabetes medications, tips for treatment, and insulin comparisons. Stay tuned!

Let’s kick off diabetes month with some info about new innovative glucose meters. The importance of having a discrete and easy way to check your blood sugar is vital for many diabetics and pre-diabetics.  So what’s available?


The Dario is an all-in-one smart glucose meter that can monitor and measure your blood glucose with the help of your smartphone. The Dario is simple to use and has a disposable test strip cartridge and a lancing device that easily fits in your pocket.

The Dario does not require batteries as the power comes directly from your cell phone when you plug the device into your phone’s audio jack. It also automatically tracks your blood sugar readings and can send the results to your healthcare provider. The Dario only works with Apple smartphone using a free app that will help you manage your diabetes.

The Dario device costs $69.99 and 100 lancets cost $5.99. It also has a pay as you go plan where you can get strips delivered every 90 days to your home for $49.50 or $16.50 per month.


The FORA Test N’GO is a small glucose monitor that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Technology. This FORA is compatible with Apple and Android devices and is rechargeable using a USB device that can plug directly into your computer, or a wall adaptor.

Unlike the Dario device, which is an all-in-one system, the FORA can’t plug directly into your smartphone and requires a separate lancing device. The FORA device works with Android and Apple smartphone using a free companion app to help you manage your diabetes,

Supplies for the FORA can be purchased online via their website. The lancing device can be purchased for $8 along with a 100-count box of lancets for $6.90. The FORA device itself only costs $29.99 and a 50-count box of the compatible test strips are $19.99.

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iHealth Smart & iHealth Align

The iHealth Smart is a portable, shareable, diabetes data management device that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth Technology, similar to the FORA Test N’GO.

The iHealth Align is also a portable glucometer but attaches directly to your smartphone or tablet. This device is similar to the Dario but is not an all-in-one system.

Both the iHealth Smart and iHealth Align work with Android and Apple smartphones using a free Gluco-Smart app to help you manage your diabetes. The app allows you to record your blood sugar readings and share them with your health-care provider.

Contour Next One

The Contour Next One connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology similar to the FORA and the iHealth Smart.

A nice feature of the Contour Next one is that it has second-chance sampling where you can re-apply blood to the test strip if the 1st sample is not enough. This helps you avoid pricking yourself a second time, and wasting another lancet and test strip. The Contour Next One uses a separate lancing device, the Microlet Next, which is included with the purchase of your Contour Next One meter.

If you qualify you can receive the Contour Next One meter for free. Eligible patients may also save up to $105 every month on Contour Next test strips with the Contour Choice Program.

The Contour Next one works with various Android and Apple smartphones using a free app to help you manage your diabetes. The app allows you to record your blood sugar readings and take some of the hassles out of managing your diabetes.


GluCase if the world’s 1st smartphone case glucometer. Like Dario, the GluCase is an all-in-one product built right into your cell phone case.

According to their crowdfunding page, GluCase combines dispensable lancets, test strips, and an embedded blood glucose meter all in a single device. GluCase also communicates with a smartphone app and can show users how their blood sugar levels are affected in various manners, including activity and food.

GluCase was available on Indiegogo for $29 plus shipping. This included 1 GluCase Smartphone Glucometer with 50 test strips, 20 lancets, and access to the GluCase smartphone app.

Their website does not list current prices for the GluCase of supplies now that the Indigogo campaign has ended,


Glucowise is developing a new non-invasive glucose monitor, meaning no blood samples of pricking your fingers, which will help you take control of your life. This product is still under development and is not available for public testing at this time.

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