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Marijuana Coming to a Pharmacy Near You?

Elizabeth Davis
Written by Elizabeth Davis
Published on November 13, 2013

The Lansing State Journal is reporting that the Michigan Senate has just approved a bill allowing pharmacies within the state to dispense medical marijuana to patients.

Black and white vintage photo of a 1950s pharmacy. There is a large neon cursive sign reading "Prescriptions" above the shelves of medication.
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The bill would treat marijuana as a Schedule 2 controlled substance. Many popular drugs, including Adderall and other drugs for ADHD, already have this classification. Currently, marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 substance—the same schedule that includes heroin and other illegal drugs.

In Michigan, marijuana has been legal for medical use for the last 5 years. Under the proposed bill, patients would be required to present a medical marijuana card at the pharmacy. More than 100,000 Michigan residents already possess a card.

Surprisingly, opponents of the bill are focused not on the legal ramifications of the bill, but more on the potential for corporations to become sellers in what has been until now a home-grown, local industry.

Read the bill at:


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