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Flumist Quadrivalent Coupon - Flumist Quadrivalent 0.2ml nasal spray
Flumist Quadrivalent
FluMist Quadrivalent is a vaccine used to treat the flu. It is a quadrivalent flu shot, which means that it protects against four flu strains. FluMist Quadrivalent is less popular than comparable drugs. It is covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but some pharmacy coupons or cash prices may be lower. The lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of Flumist Quadrivalent is around $24.00, 49% off the average retail price of $47.58. Compare vaccinations.
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nasal spray
1 nasal spray
Flumist Quadrivalent Coupon - Flumist Quadrivalent 0.2ml nasal spray
Flumist Quadrivalent(brand)
nasal spray
1 nasal spray
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Here’s How To Get Discounted – Or Even Free – Flu Shots This Year

Tori Marsh
Tori Marsh -

Flu season is officially underway, which means it’s time to get vaccinated.

Flu shots can range from $0 (yes, free) to $50 or more, depending on where you get your shot and what kind of vaccine you receive. Whether you’re insured or not, there are ways to make your vaccines affordable.

Here are some things to know to make sure you don’t overpay.



Some pharmacies offer discounted or free flu shots

Many pharmacies have programs offering discounted flu shots, in addition to in-store discounts. See More

Which Flu Vaccine Should I Get?

Megan N. Brown, PharmD, RPh
Megan N. Brown, PharmD, RPh -

Did you know that the flu shot is just one of many ways to get vaccinated against the flu? Here, we’ll walk you through this year’s 13 flu vaccine options so you can choose the one that best suits your body and lifestyle!

Although no prevention method will guarantee you won’t get sick, getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the nasty virus.


Why do I need a flu vaccine?

Because influenza (flu) viruses pass easily from person to person, they can cause many people to get sick. See More

Flu Shots Are Now Only $24 at Walmart With a GoodRx Coupon

GoodRx -

Flu season is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get your flu shot. Luckily, GoodRx is here to help, and we have some good news for your pocketbook.

GoodRx has partnered with Walmart to offer all quadrivalent flu shots for only $24 with a coupon. That’s a 40% discount off their normal cash price! This discount only applies to quadrivalent flu shots like Fluzone Quadrivalent and Fluarix Quadrivalent, which are the preferred option for flu prevention. See More

Cold and Flu Prevention: Fact vs. Fiction – Can You Tell the Difference?

Dr. Sharon Orrange
Dr. Sharon Orrange -

Cold and flu season is just around the corner. The common cold, often caused by rhinoviruses, is the most common human illness and comes with generally mild symptoms. The flu, caused by the influenza virus, can have more complicated symptoms. Both are contagious.

So, what can you do to not get sick? That’s a question primary care doctors hear daily in the office. Let’s take a look at where the evidence lies. See More

Prescriptions for Allergy Medications Surge: GoodRx Monthly Report

Tori Marsh
Tori Marsh -

Spring is officially here – and that means seasonal allergies have arrived. Prescriptions for allergy medications rose sharply in March, according to a GoodRx analysis of a nationally representative sample of US prescription fills, with some interesting patterns in state-by-state trends.

Our monthly GoodRx Index report also showed other drug trends for March:

FluMist is Making a Comeback for Next Year’s Flu Season

Roni Shye
Roni Shye -

This year’s flu season was one of the worst we’ve seen in some time, and it’s still not quite over. While the flu shot wasn’t as successful as we hoped, there is good news for next year’s flu season – nasal spray FluMist will be available.

For the past two flu seasons, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has not recommended FluMist. FluMist, from MedImmune, has not been recommended for use due to data showing poor or relatively lower effectiveness from 2013 through 2016. See More

Flumist Nasal Spray Pulled from Pharmacies

Roni Shye
Roni Shye -

In the middle of summer, flu season may seem far off. Believe it or not though, most pharmacies will start to receive their shipments of flu vaccines beginning in August, only a couple of months from now.

This year that shipment will be missing one of its key players: Flumist nasal spray. The nasal spray option has been pulled from pharmacies, and will not be available for the 2016 – 2017 flu season. See More

8 Answers to Your Flu Shot Questions

Roni Shye
Roni Shye -

As the end of the year gets closer, you may have already caught a cold or another bug from work or school—but you’ll want to be extra careful to protect yourself from the flu. Flu season can begin as early as October, but it tends to peak at this time of year—from December to February.
To keep yourself from getting sick, it’s best to get the flu vaccine as early as possible, but as long as the flu virus is circulating, it isn’t too late. See More

How to Save on Your Flu Shot—or Get It Free!

Roni Shye
Roni Shye -

Flu season is officially underway, and it’s time to get vaccinated if you haven’t already. You need to know where to go to get your flu shot, and—more importantly—how to make sure you don’t overpay. Did you know that flu shots can cost anywhere from $0 (yes, free) to $50 or more?

The importance of getting a flu shot can’t be overstated, especially for those who are at a higher risk like young children, pregnant women, older adults, and the immunocompromised or disabled. See More

5 Exclusive Tips for Back to School Prescriptions

Roni Shye
Roni Shye -

Get those lunches made and set the alarm clocks; school’s back in session.
Parents know that a new school year means new clothes, new books, maybe a new backpack—and perhaps a new set of prescriptions. As a pharmacist, I know the school year has started when frustrated parents show up at my store with lots of questions.
The good news is that I can help! Here are 5 helpful solutions for common back-to-school medication issues. See More

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