For miscellaneous questions that defy strict categorization, this is the place to look.

Many prescription drugs can be thrown directly in the trash, but some drugs require special precautions. The FDA has a special web page which can provide more guidance for the proper disposal of your medications.

Currently Available Generics and Brands

When you search for a drug on GoodRx, we show you the generic version first if it is available. You can choose a different brand or generic using the grey menu on the left of the results page.}

Upcoming Generic Releases

Many brand-only drugs have the estimated release date listed in the Savings Tips section. To get there, choose Savings Tips from the menu to the left of the price listings on any drug page.

Discontinued Drugs

Drugs may be discontinued for several reasons: many brands are no longer made once an inexpensive generic has been on the market for a long time, drugs may be withdrawn for safety reasons, or a manufacturer may just decide that a drug is no longer profitable.

Searching for a discontinued brand will take you to the currently available generic page if one exists. You'll see the brand name displayed in grey at the top of the page, but you won't be able to choose discontinued brands or strengths in the menu on the left.

If there is no currently available brand or generic, you'll just see a note that the drug you're looking for has been discontinued.

GoodRx provides prices for both generic and brand drugs. Our partner, Community Catalyst, has written some helpful guidelines which can help you to determine the right choice for you. Read more about the generic versus brand issue here.

We only have information about prices and coupons for the pharmacies we list; we don't communicate with individual pharmacies about their inventory and aren't able to know when a pharmacy might be out of stock.

We do post notices about ongoing issues that might affect stock like recalls and backorders. Those will be listed on each drug page under the Savings Tips (to the left the prices) and in the Latest News tab.

We also list some specialty and health care practitioner administered medications that may not be available at retail pharmacies. For these drugs, you'll see a note at the top of the page, and links to more information on how to fill your prescription.

If you have any concerns, we recommend calling ahead to make sure your pharmacy has your medication on hand. If they don't, most pharmacies are able to place orders for you with advance notice.

GoodRx employs a variety of methods to provide security and privacy for visitors to our products. We have established a Privacy Policy that outlines how we use personal information. If you have concerns about privacy, please let us know.

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