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Vitamin B12 Analogues 7
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CYANOCOBALAMIN is a man made form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is used in the growth of healthy blood cells, nerve cells, and proteins in the body. It also helps with the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. This medicine is used to treat people who can not absorb vitamin B12.
Androgens 12
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Testosterone cypionate (Depo-Testosterone) is an inexpensive drug used to support normal male development such as muscle growth, facial hair, and deep voice. This drug is more popular than comparable drugs. It is available in generic and brand versions. It is not covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but manufacturer and pharmacy coupons can help offset the cost.
Androgens 215
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DANAZOL is used in women to treat endometriosis and the symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease. This medicine may also be used in men and women to prevent serious allergic reactions known as angioedema.
Gonadotropins 128
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HUMAN CHORIONIC GONADOTROPIN is a hormone. HCG is used for different reasons in men and women. HCG is used in combination with other fertility drugs to increase a woman's chance of pregnancy. In men or adolescent boys, HCG helps the production of testosterone and sperm. HCG is also used in male children with cryptorchidism, a specific birth problem of the testes.
Estrogens N/A N/A See Prices
PDE5 Inhibitors N/A N/A See Prices
PDE5 Inhibitors N/A N/A See Prices
Avanafil troche is a compounded medication. Compounded drugs are made specifically for you by a licensed pharmacist or doctor, and can be created in strengths or dosage forms that may not be available as commercial prescription medications. To read more about non-compounded avanafil go here.
PDE5 Inhibitors N/A N/A See Prices
PDE5 Inhibitors N/A N/A See Prices
Thyroxine / Triiodothyronine Combinations N/A N/A See Prices
Androgens N/A N/A See Prices
Androgens N/A N/A See Prices
Androgens N/A N/A See Prices
Vitamin B12 Analogues N/A N/A See Prices
Estrogen Agonist/Antagonists N/A N/A See Prices
Aromatase Inhibitors N/A N/A See Prices
Progesterones N/A N/A See Prices
Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Agonists N/A N/A See Prices
Chemoprotectants N/A N/A See Prices
Growth Hormone Releasing Factors N/A N/A See Prices
Pituitary Hormones N/A N/A See Prices

Note: Popularity is based on total prescriptions for the brand and generic versions of each drug, regardless of the condition being treated. Some drugs are prescribed for multiple conditions.

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