Where to Get Your Flu Shot For Free

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It’s time to get your flu shot!

Fortunately, there are many places to get vaccinated and no matter how you feel about shots, it should be relatively painless for your wallet. Here are some options to help you find a convenient and low-cost flu shot.

Local Pharmacies

Pharmacists can administer the flu vaccine and advise you on which shot might work best for you. Most pharmacies accept walk-ins for flu shots so you won’t need an appointment, and most will accept insurance or Medicare. Many grocery and pharmacy chains also offer incentives for you to get your vaccine with them. For example:

Your pharmacy may have offers available as well; check online or ask when you go in.

Government Health Departments

The health departments in several states and counties offer free and reduced cost vaccination programs. You’ll need to call, or visit the website for your area (there isn’t a central list of these programs) but you may find that you can get a free flu shot if you just check the schedule and show up. This might not be as convenient—there are often limited times and locations, and there may be a lot of other people waiting—but if you can make it, you can get your flu vaccine for free or at a reduced cost.

Here is a short, but definitely not complete, list of government agencies providing flu shots:

More information is available on all of the above public health websites. There are lots of these programs out there, so be sure to check with your county, state, or city to see if they offer one.

Organizations and Clinics

Community clinics, health centers, and hospitals often offer vaccines for free or at a reduced cost to anyone who is eligible. Some locations list information online, but this route might require a little bit more legwork. Keep an eye out in your local paper or on the news, and check out the following examples. If you’re in these areas on the following dates, swing by for a free flu shot!

So, now you know where to go—how do you pay for the vaccine?

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