The Most Romantic Holidays (as indicated by sales of erectile dysfunction drugs)

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Valentine’s Day is a big day for romance . . . right?

We took at look at drug searches on GoodRx over the last few years, and you might be, err, excited by our findings.

Common sense would indicate that Valentine’s Day would be an especially popular time to fill, well, certain prescriptions. Erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and the other PDE5 inhibitors might make the holiday a little bit more romantic.

Turns out that Valentine’s Day is romantic, but it’s not the #1 holiday. The holiday that sees the most action? Christmas, with a pretty large, hm, rise starting the week before, and . . .maintaining . . . until Christmas Eve.

The other most exciting time of the year? January. Last year and this year, depending at least partially on the weather, we’ve seen some big spikes in the use of ED drugs compared to other medications. Once the winter vacation’s over and there’s a snowstorm (or polar vortex) outside, it seems like a good idea to stay home, stay warm, and enjoy each other’s company.

Without further adieu, we present our highly unscientific Most Romantic Times Of The Year as measured by search queries for common erectile dysfunction drugs.

1.  Christmas (300% increase versus typical)

All that egg nog and mistletoe talk gets us in the mood?

2.  January (250%)

Being stuck inside the house ain’t so bad, after all?

3.  Valentine’s Day (210%)

Maybe we’re eating too much chocolate?

4.  Mother’s Day (150%)

Total surprise. Interestingly, Father’s Day does not perform as well.

5. Easter (120%)

Easter bunnies put us in the mood?

…and the Least Romantic Times Of The Year:

1.  Halloween

Clearly, Halloween is all about the children. Not making children.

2.  St. Patrick’s Day

Too much bar-hopping?

3. Thanksgiving

Family time, not naughty time?

Happy Valentine’s Day from GoodRx!

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