Fostering Dogs With Unique Health Needs Can Be Pricey, but Suzanne Found a Solution

Talia Lowery is a licensed insurance agent and earned her bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University with a focus on how socioeconomic status impacts outcomes and access to resources.

Suzanne lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and has been volunteering with her local foster dog organization, KC Pet Rescue & Adoption, for the past 14 years. KC Pet Rescue is the oldest no-kill shelter in Northeast Florida and is always seeking donations and volunteers to help with care and placement for the animals. Suzanne takes in senior dogs who are especially difficult to rehome due to age, health, and behavioral issues. She currently fosters 9 dogs! Each of the pups has its own unique health needs, and their necessary prescriptions can get quite expensive.

Suzanne’s first experience with GoodRx was when her boyfriend, who was uninsured at the time, needed a pricey prescription filled after a trip to the hospital. They were both worried about how he’d be able to afford it. Fortunately, Suzanne had heard of GoodRx and this dawned on her as the perfect time to try it. They were relieved to find out how much less it would cost with a GoodRx coupon at their local Publix pharmacy, and even more grateful when it actually worked. They saved money and her boyfriend was able to recover.

After that, Suzanne realized she could use GoodRx to save on medications for her canine friends, too! One of her current foster dogs has bladder cancer and requires prazosin. Another senior pup has arthritis and needs pain relief medications. Suzanne was happy to report that she saves an average of 60% to 75% each time she refills a prescription for them. She’s also brought the monthly cost of medication for her chihuahua down from $20 to $7.

Suzanne herself is insured, but also always checks prices on GoodRx for her medications. Aside from the coupons, GoodRx also helps her compare prices in local pharmacies. She appreciates how much of a difference GoodRx makes in the cost of caring for all the foster dogs. Much of her time is dedicated to the animals, alongside working full-time. Now she doesn’t have to constantly worry about expenses and can focus on having a little more fun and relaxation in her downtime. GoodRx applauds Suzanne’s volunteerism and commitment to her furry friends!

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