Recall of Estarylla

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Sandoz, the manufacturer of Estarylla (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol) contraceptive tablets has issued a voluntary recall of one lot of the tablets.

A customer reported a placebo pill out of place in the active tablet area of the Estarylla monthly pack. While the risk of pregnancy or other adverse health effects is low, the recall is being conducted as a precaution.

You can tell if your package may be part of the recalled lot, LF01213A, if it has an NDC number 00781-4058-15 and expiration date of 02/2014. The recall is at the retailer level though, so you shouldn’t receive any Estarylla from the recalled lot from your pharmacy in future refills.

If you experience any reaction or quality issue with Estarylla, contact your doctor or pharmacist. Sandoz also asks that you report any issues to them through their drug information line at 1-800-525-2492 or via email at

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