New Three-Times-Weekly Dose of Copaxone Now Available

Elizabeth Davis
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Good news for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients taking Copaxone (glatiramer acetate)—the FDA has approved a new three-times-weekly dose. The new dose will still be a subcutaneous injection, but will have a higher concentration at 40 mg/ml. Copaxone is currently available as 20 mg/ml injection, taken once daily. The new strength is approved in addition to the lower daily dose, and will not replace it.

The approval was based on a study that showed the 40 mg/ml dose given three times weekly reduced relapse rates by as much as 1/3 at twelve months, compared with a placebo.

The three-times-weekly 40 mg/ml strength of Copaxone will be available in pharmacies within days. There are several other new MS treatments recently approved, so you may want to discuss with your doctor which option is best for you.

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