New Copaxone Generic Launched! Look for Glatopa in Pharmacies Soon

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Glatopa, the new generic alternative to multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment Copaxone, was approved earlier this year, and its launch has been anxiously awaited. Now, the time has come, and Glatopa will be available in pharmacies soon!

Manufacturer Sandoz announced last Thursday, June 18, that Glatopa has began shipping following its recent FDA approval.

Is Glatopa an FDA approved generic?

Yes. Glatopa has been approved by the FDA as a substitutable generic for the brand-name drug Copaxone.

How much will Glatopa cost?
Glatopa is expected to start out about 15% less expensive than Copaxone, but this is an estimate based on the average wholesale price—your cost may vary depending on the pharmacy where you fill and any discounts you may have. Insurance prices may also be lower for Glatopa if your plan places it in a different pricing tier.

Will I get Glatopa from my regular pharmacy?

Possibly. Since Glatopa and Copaxone are specialty medications, only pharmacies that offer specialty medication services will have Glatopa available locally. However, both should be available from most if not all mail-order specialty pharmacies (most specialty medications will be filled from this type of specialty pharmacy).

For more information on specialty medications please see our previous post.

I am currently using Copaxone—how can I go about switching to Glatopa?

If you are currently taking the Copaxone 20mg/mL injection and wish to switch to generic Glatopa, it would be helpful to reach out to the pharmacy where you are currently filling your Copaxone at and ask them to switch you to Glatopa for your next refill.

If you are currently taking the Copaxone 40mg/ml injection, you will need to discuss with your doctor. Glatopa is only available in the 20mg/ml dosage.

Are there any support programs for Glatopa?

Yes. You can enroll in the GlatopaCare program by calling 1-855-GLATOPA (1-855-452-8672). There isn’t currently a program website, but you can also call for more information.

How is Glatopa usually used?
Glatopa 20 mg/mL is injected subcutaneously once daily.

In what dosage forms and strengths is Glatopa available?
Glatopa is only available as a single-dose prefilled syringe in the 20 mg/mL strength.

Copaxone is available as a single-dose prefilled syringe in two strengths: 20 mg/mL (equivalent to Glatopa), and 40 mg/mL, which is still brand-only. The 40 mg/mL strength is used only three times per week.

What are the side effects of Glatopa?

Like Copaxone, the most common side effects of Glatopa include injection site reactions like redness or rash, shortness of breath, and chest pain.

Want more information on Glatopa?

Take a look at the official Glatopa website here.

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