Nasacort Allergy Approved for Over the Counter Use

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Nasacort Allergy was approved by the FDA last week for the over-the-counter treatment of nasal allergy symptoms. It is the first steroid nasal spray to become available over the counter in the US, so this is could be good news if you use any of the other similar sprays available, especially expensive brands with no generic like Nasonex, Veramyst, or Rhinocort Aqua.

The new OTC Nasacort should hit the market sometime next spring, according to an estimate from the manufacturer. The prescription-only version, Nasacort AQ, will continue to be available until then. You may still want to weigh your options after the switch—depending on how much the OTC version of Nasacort will cost, prescription generics might still be a less expensive option, with generic Nasacort (triamcinolone) starting around $50 per container, and generic Flonase (fluticasone propionate) starting as low as $18.

It is also important to note—Nasacort Allergy will be approved for the same uses as the prescription version, and for the same ages (adults and children over the age of 2), but the labeling for the OTC version will include more information about use in children. There will be a warning that the growth rate of some children might be slightly slower while using the spray, and that if a child needs to use the spray for more than two months per year, it should be discussed with their doctor.

For more information, see the FDA announcement here.

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