Is GoodRx Legit?

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Is GoodRx for real? Is GoodRx a scam? Is GoodRx fake?

We get asked these questions A LOT.

Yes, the savings with GoodRx can sometimes be extraordinary, which naturally leads to questions like “is this too good to be true?” Here’s a brief explanation of the wacky world of pharmacy pricing and how the magic happens at GoodRx.

What GoodRx Does
GoodRx gathers millions of current prices, available discounts, and savings tips for prescriptions at pharmacies across America. We show you how much you’ll pay and whether switching pharmacies or using a specific discount or savings tip will help you save money.

GoodRx has been reviewed and recommended by many prominent organizations, including ABC News, CNN, NBC’s Today Show, and Good Housekeeping, in addition to a number of professional physician organizations, thousands of doctors, and more.

How Prescription Prices & Discounts Work

When you go to a pharmacy in America to pick up a prescription, you’ll pay one of the following:

1) A “cash price.” Think of a cash price like a car’s sticker price—this is what you pay if you don’t have insurance or if your insurance company won’t cover that drug (it’s not on their “formulary,” which happens more often than you’d think).

2) A “club price.” A discounted price that you get if you join that pharmacy’s club (sometimes free, sometimes requiring a paid membership). No insurance is required—you just have to join the club.

3) A “negotiated (or coupon) price.” A discounted price based on a contract between the pharmacy and an insurance company (technically, it’s called a Pharmacy Benefit Manager). If you have insurance, your co-pay is generally a percentage of that price or a flat fee ($10, etc).

What’s a Cash Price?

The cash prices at pharmacies are usually very high, but if you know where to look, there are great discounts that can be found. Some pharmacies (usually grocery stores or big-box stores) offer very cheap cash prices for certain generic drugs. Many pharmacies publish a list of popular generic drugs with cheap cash prices. Some pharmacies even offer certain drugs for free! The problem is knowing which drugs are on which pharmacies’ lists—it’s somewhat random and drugs are added and removed frequently.

How GoodRx Helps: We gather cash prices for drugs at every major US pharmacy, so you can easily comparison shop and find the lowest price.
What’s a Club Price?

Club prices can be lower than cash prices, and pharmacies don’t always tell you when a lower club price is available. Keep in mind that club prices a) may require a membership fee and b) require you to provide some personal information to the club.

How GoodRx Helps: We gather club prices for drugs at major US pharmacies, so you can easily comparison shop.
What’s a Negotiated (Coupon) Price?

Negotiated prices are probably the most confusing part of what GoodRx does, but they’re also a great, easy way for you to save on your prescriptions.

Virtually all pharmacies enter into contracts with companies called Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to provide discounted prices for the hundreds of millions of Americans who have insurance. These same contracts also allow people not using insurance to receive a smaller discount when they use a free discount coupon or card. It’s worth noting that some pharmacies will not honor coupons for controlled substances (Adderall, oxycodone, etc).

How GoodRx Helps: GoodRx lists free discount coupon prices and provides the coupons so that you can receive a discounted price when you pick up your prescription. The coupons are free and there are no obligations or hidden fees.
More Ways to Save

GoodRx also provides savings tips, suggestions for alternative less-expensive drugs, information on manufacturer coupons, drug shortage and recall info, pill identification tools and much more. Our goal is to make you an informed consumer by providing as much information as possible in an organized, easy-to-read way.

One more thing . . .

Here are some important last points:

Hopefully we’ve helped explain how GoodRx works, and taken out some of the mystery out of drug prices!

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