Introducing the New GoodRx for Medicare

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Medicare Part D and Advantage plans are meant to help make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors.

Ask any senior about their Medicare coverage, however, and you’ll find out that Medicare coverage is far from perfect. Many prescriptions aren’t covered, there are all sorts of rules and limitations, and then there’s the dreaded “donut hole” coverage gap.

GoodRx has completed a multi-year effort to analyze Medicare drug plans, and has found thousands of opportunities for senior to save.
Today, GoodRx is launching GoodRx For Medicare to help seniors take control of their prescriptions and find savings.

Key features of GoodRx For Medicare include:

  1. Drug Price Lookup: Instantly look up prescription drug co-pays for any of the 30,000+ Medicare Part D and Advantage plans in America. No need to sign up, register, and completely free to use.
  2. Find Savings: Many prescriptions can be purchased for less than the typical Medicare co-pay. GoodRx finds savings and shows Medicare consumers when they can actually save more by NOT using their prescription drug coverage.
  3. Compare Plans: Use GoodRx for Medicare to instantly compare prices for your prescriptions across multiple plans and see which plan is best for you.
  4. Know Limitations: Just because a drug is covered by a Medicare plan doesn’t mean the plan will make it affordable. Over 44% of prescriptions have coverage limitations which can prevent Medicare consumers from affording their prescriptions. like doctor authorizations, quantity limits and more. GoodRx lets you know about the “fine print” which plans won’t tell you about in advance.
  5. Create A Prescription Spending Strategy: Worried about the donut hole? Use GoodRx to control your Medicare spending in new ways.
  6. Find Help For Non-Covered Drug: Many popular drugs are simply not covered by Medicare. GoodRx can provide huge discounts of up to 80% on those prescriptions.

What does this mean for you? If you have Medicare coverage, it still pays to shop around. For the top 20 Medicare plans in America, 66% of prescription drugs can be purchased for less than your typical Medicare co-pay using discounts found on GoodRx.

Search for your prescription now to see your co-pay (and how much you can save):

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