Good News! GoodRx Finds Even Lower Prices at CVS And Other Pharmacies

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Doug Hirsch
Doug is co-founder of GoodRx.
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For years, GoodRx has been telling Americans to compare prices and shop around.

With the support of millions of Americans, GoodRx has just negotiated even greater savings at a number of pharmacy chains. There’s never been a better time to shop around than now.

Prices at many pharmacies will be changing in February and March—which means big opportunities for you to save even more.

CVS drops prices by as much as 80%

Starting February 1, GoodRx discount prices at CVS will drop by up to 80% for many prescriptions. This is great news—CVS has more than 9,000 pharmacy locations across the US, and CVS is often the most convenient option for many folks.

Expect to see huge savings on popular cholesterol meds like rosuvastatin (Crestor), which will decrease by 80%—from around $200 to under $40 for thirty 10 mg tablets! You should see price decreases on many other prescriptions as well, including duloxetine (Cymbalta)—a 50% drop from around $60 to around $30—and montelukast (Singulair)—dropping nearly 30% from around $70 to $20 for thirty 10 mg tablets.

If you fill your prescriptions elsewhere and there’s a CVS nearby, you may want to take another look. When visiting CVS, be sure to bring a new GoodRx coupon to get the best price.

Big savings at other pharmacies

We’ve negotiated better discounts at a number of other major pharmacies. Many of these new prices will be lower than your insurance co-pay, so it’s always worth checking. Over the next few months, you’ll see new, lower prices rolling out across many major pharmacy chains.

Price increases at Sam’s Club and others

While many pharmacies are dropping prices, they will be increasing at some pharmacy chains. For example, Sam’s Club has just announced that they will no longer honor pharmacy discounts (from anyone, not just GoodRx). If you’ve used GoodRx to fill at Sam’s Club, you may want to consider other options or check out their membership program (we list Sam’s membership prices on GoodRx so you can compare).

It’s never been more important to shop around. But why?

Whether you see your costs at your regular pharmacy go up or down, we always recommend checking GoodRx every time you fill for the latest coupons and discounts. We never want you to be surprised when you pick up your prescription.

To make sure you get the best price, simply print, text, or email yourself a new coupon for your next refill. If you have our mobile app, just ask your pharmacist to enter the new coupon information you’ll find on the app.

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