GoodRx Offers Savings Tools for Doctors Too

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Have you ever been concerned about the cost of a prescription (maybe to the point where you don’t buy a medication you need), but unsure how to bring it up with your doctor? You’re not alone.

About 28% of prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy and never filled—and that costs all Americans more. Non-adherence (not taking medications as prescribed) cost the US healthcare system $290 billion in 2014 alone. Studies have shown that cost is the biggest reason behind non-adherence.

The good news: your doctor wants to help too. According to a 2005 survey from the Archives of Internal Medicine, 92% of primary care doctors and cardiologists said that they should consider patients’ costs when writing prescriptions, but only about 1/3 actually do. This hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years—research GoodRx conducted with the California Healthcare Foundation in 2014 showed that doctors still want to discuss patients’ prescription costs but feel that they don’t have access to medication prices.

Whether you’re a taking medications or prescribing them, tools like GoodRx can provide a good starting place for a conversation about prescription costs.

What can I do about prescription costs as a patient?

Know that your doctor is on your side when it comes to helping you save, but you can also take an active role in reducing your costs. A few recommendations:

What can I do as a doctor or other health care provider?

Start a conversation about cost. If you want help, GoodRx has a few resources specifically for doctors:

GoodRx now offers an accredited CME (Continuing Medical Education) course for physicians and other health care professionals that can help with:

You can also use the GoodRx for Doctors mobile app to research prices, keep a list of your most commonly prescribed medications, and  instantly share discounts with patients.

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