GoodRx and Dr. O Awarded for Research on Prescription Adherence

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This past weekend, Dr. Sharon Orrange and Sivakami Sambasivam from GoodRx were recognized by the Society of General Internal Medicine for research showing that GoodRx reduces patients’ out of pocket prescription costs and improves adherence (taking medications as prescribed). We presented to hundreds of internal medicine doctors, and received an award for our outstanding contribution in the research category.

Non-adherence cost the US healthcare system $290 billion last year alone, and about 28% of prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy and never filled. Studies have shown that cost is the biggest reason behind non-adherence—so our goal was to show that GoodRx could help increase the likelihood that patients would fill prescriptions and take medications as prescribed

We asked you to let us know what you thought, and 64% self-reported that you would be more likely to fill your prescription after using GoodRx. Even better, 74% reported finding prescriptions for less using GoodRx, with an average savings of $82!

Using GoodRx can also be a great starting place for a conversation with your doctor. You’ve also reported that the savings tips we offer are useful in discussions with your doctors, and have helped you change your prescription regimens.

According to a 2005 survey from the Archives of Internal Medicine, 92% of primary care doctors and cardiologists said that they should consider patients’ costs when writing prescriptions, but only about 1/3 actually do. This hasn’t changed much in the past 10 years—research GoodRx conducted with the California Healthcare Foundation last year showed that doctors still want to discuss patients’ prescription costs but feel that they don’t have access to medication prices.

What should you take away from this? Know that your doctor is on your side when it comes to helping you save, but you can also take an active role in reducing your costs.

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