Find and Compare Diabetes Test Strips on GoodRx

Elizabeth Davis
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You can now find prices, comparisons, and descriptions for blood glucose test strips on GoodRx.

You can search for your preferred brand of test strips from our homepage, or from the search bar at the top of any page on the site. Each page will show you the prices available for your strips, which may be much lower than what you will pay walking in to a pharmacy.

There aren’t pharmacy discount coupons available for the test strips at the moment, but in some cases there are manufacturer coupons that can reduce your co-pay or get you a free meter. You can find links to those offers where available on the test strip pages right above the prices.

You can also find a complete list of all of the test strips on GoodRx on the Test Strips for Diabetes Type 2 or Test Strips for Diabetes Type 1 pages, or by searching for “test strips.”

Let us know at if your brand isn’t listed, or if you have any other test strip questions or suggestions!

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