Fertility Treatment Basics: What You Need to Know

Dr. Mousa Shamonki
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If you’re considering fertility treatments, you may already know that there are many options out there—and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

So where do you start, with all of the information and options available to you? This may not be a surprise, but the best place to begin is simply meeting with your doctor. Less is more when it comes to fertility treatments, and while you may still need more complex procedures or medications, your specialist can help guide you.

You’ll most likely start by meeting with your fertility specialist for a thorough history and some basic gold-standard tests. These tests often include blood work (to evaluate hormones that can show your ovarian health and egg numbers), a carefully performed transvaginal ultrasound, a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to evaluate shape of the uterus and to see if the tubes are normal, and a semen analysis to evaluate semen volume as well as sperm concentration, movement, and shape.

After your tests, you’ll meet with your doctor again to go over the treatments that may work best for you. Here are the most common:

This is the first in a series of guest posts from fertility doctor Dr. Mousa Shamonki. Have any questions or requests for more information? Let us know.

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