FDA Approves Siliq for Plaque Psoriasis

Roni Shye
Roni Shye, PharmD BCGP BCACP, is a licensed pharmacist in the states of Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
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Psoriasis is a type of autoimmune disease that speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells, causing patches of red skin and silvery scales in areas like the scalp, knees, elbows, hands, or feet. Psoriasis currently affects around 7.5 million people, and is more common in adults.

On February 15th, the FDA approved Siliq, a new prescription medication for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

What are common symptoms of plaque psoriasis?

The following are common symptoms of plaque psoriasis

What dosage and strength will Siliq be available in?

Siliq will be available as a single-dose pre-filled syringe in the strength of 210 mg/1.5 ml.

The recommended dose of Siliq is a subcutaneous injection of 210 mg for three consecutive weeks, followed by 210 mg every two weeks.

What are the common side effect(s) associated with Siliq?

Siliq’s side effects include joint pain, headache, fatigue, diarrhea, throat pain, nausea, muscle pain, injection site reaction, flu, low white blood cell count and fungal infection.

Additionally, Siliq contains a boxed warning regarding the increased risk of suicide.

When will Siliq be available?

Siliq is expected to be available in pharmacies in the second half of 2017, according to the manufacturer Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

For more information on Siliq, you can read the press announcement here.

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