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FDA Approves Odactra for Dust Mite Allergies

by Roni Shye on March 24, 2017 at 2:43 pm

A new treatment for household dust mites has been approved by the FDA! Odactra is the first sublingual allergen extract for the treatment of dust mite allergies. Dust mites are the most common trigger of year-round allergies and can cause coughing, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, and eye irritation in people with allergies. Typically, these mites are microscopic organisms that live in house dust, thriving in bedding and upholstered furniture. They can be extremely difficult to get rid of, even if you clean or dust on a regular basis, making medications like Odactra necessary for patients with dust-mite allergies.

How should I take Odactra?

Odactra will be available as a sublingual (under the tongue) tablet in a strength of 12 sq-hdm. It is only approved for use in adults 18-65 years of age, and is to be taken once daily by placing 1 tablet under the tongue and letting it dissolve. It is recommended that patients allow Odactra to refrain from swallowing for 1 minute as Odactra dissolves. According to the FDA, patients should begin to see an improvement in their allergies within 8-14 weeks.

Your first dose of Odactra has to be administered at a doctor’s office so you can be observed for at least 30 minutes after your initial dose. It is also recommended that that you wash your hands after handling an Odactra tablet and avoid food or drink for 5 minutes after taking the pill.

What side effects are associated with Odactra?

Common side effects include itching in the ears and mouth, nausea, and swelling of the lips and tongue. Your doctor should prescribe an auto-injectable epinephrine, like EpiPen, as there is a possibility of a severe allergic reaction from taking Odactra. Patients with severe or uncontrolled asthma should not take Odactra.

When will Odactra be available?

Odactra was approved by the FDA on March 1st, 2017. However, there is currently no anticipated release date. For more information on Odacra’s approval, you can read the FDA’s press release here.


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