Drug Shortage: Fluphenazine

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APP Pharmaceuticals has announced a shortage of both forms of their fluphenazine injection, used for the long-term management of conditions such as schizophrenia.

The fluphenazine decanoate 25mg/ml 5 ml vial is currently backordered, with an estimated rerelease in the third quarter of 2013. The fluphenazine hydrochloride 2.5mg/ml 20 ml vial is also backordered, with a new shipment due in late May 2013—although some vials expiring in the next seven months (through 11/30/2013) may be available now.

Fluphenazine is a generic drug without a current brand equivalent. APP Pharmaceuticals’ fluphenazine hydrochloride is the only FDA-approved version, though you may be able to find the more concentrated fluphenazine decanoate vial from another manufacturer. However, the backorder in both cases is due to a shortage of the active ingredient, so other manufacturers could be having the same issue.

If you’re having trouble getting the medication you need, talk to your doctor about other options in the meantime; you may be able to substitue an oral version of fluphenazine or try another injection in the same class of drugs.

For more information, contact APP customer service at: 1-888-386-1300

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