Big News: CVS Slashes Prices For EpiPen Alternative

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the controversy regarding EpiPen pricing a few months back.

Why people got very upset about EpiPen prices:

EpiPen is a life-saving injector which provides immediate relief to severe allergic reactions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work if you don’t have one handy, so parents often have to buy multiple pens to keep anywhere a child might be when they have a reaction. Insurance coverage varies—you might get coverage for a couple of pens at a time, or none at all. Thus, parents sending their kids back to school weren’t happy that they were potentially facing thousands of dollars in cost just to keep their kids safe.

Well, here’s some good news (finally):

Today, CVS significantly reduced the cash price for the authorized generic for Adrenaclick, another epinephrine auto-injector. CVS dropped the cash price for a two-pack of Adrenaclick injector pens to $109.99. To put this in perspective, the cash price for the same product is as high as $650 at other major chain pharmacies (and brand-name Adrenaclick is even more). That’s a really big drop. Bonus: this cash price is, well, just that—a cash price—so there are no coupons or paperwork required (except, of course, a prescription).

See the new Adrenaclick generic price here.

Why did CVS do this?

We reached out to CVS to learn more about the price decrease. Kevin Hourican at CVS told us that the company was “excited to offer generic Adrenaclick because we believe for most people it will be a much less expensive option than EpiPen. Our pharmacy staff is always available to help patients understand their medication costs under various health insurance and discount plans. This includes exploring every opportunity to enable patients to reduce their out-of-pocket costs by seeking cheaper but effective generic alternatives.”

What is Adrenaclick?

Adrenaclick contains the same active ingredient (epinephrine) as EpiPen; the big difference is that they have slightly different injectors. They’re basically the same drug in a different package; they are administered somewhat differently. EpiPen is more popular, but that may be just because that drug has been much more aggressively advertised for quite some time.

What do I need to do to get this price?

The best thing about this new low price is that it’s a cash price, which makes purchasing this prescription super-simple. Obviously, you’ll need a valid prescription, but that’s about it.

Learn more about the CVS announcement here.

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