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Scopolamine, nicotine, and buprenorphine—these are some of the many medications that are available in patch form. Known for being convenient and comfortable, transdermal patches are used in cases where patients need a slow release of medication over time. Whether to save money or to lower the dose, patients often ask if they can cut them…. Read More

a doctor's prescription pad

Sixteen years after its US approval in 2002, birth control Essure is slated to be fully discontinued at the end of this year. The permanent birth control device has been plagued with complaints of serious adverse side effects ranging from pelvic pain to perforation of the uterus. Manufacturer Bayer made the announcement earlier this month,… Read More

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People often recommend an aspirin a day as an easy way to prevent heart attacks and strokes, but as it turns out, daily aspirin might not be good for everyone. A study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reports that at least 12% of  people taking aspirin once a day don’t need… Read More

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Fluoroquinolones are a class of antibiotics that include levofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, and moxifloxacin, and all carry a small risk of nerve damage. You may have seen the warning — the FDA requires that all fluoroquinolone antibiotics come with a label that alerts patients to the risk of permanent peripheral neuropathy. Too often, anti-bacterial medications like… Read More

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Blood transfusions can be a risky business. The goal of transfusion medicine is to minimize any risks to a patient receiving outside blood — blood types have to match and there can’t be any substances in the blood that would cause the patient to have a dangerous reaction. It surprises many folks to hear that… Read More

a doctor's prescription pad

Has your doctor ever asked if you’re allergic to any drugs? Luckily for most people, medicine allergies are not that common. But for the few who do have them, allergic reactions can be extremely dangerous. Here’s what you need to know about drug allergies before you start a new medication. What are drug allergies? When… Read More

assortment of medicines

Joint pain, back aches, and other musculoskeletal complaints are among the most prevalent health issues out there. When it comes to joint pain specifically (known as arthralgia), arthritis is the most common cause. But before you blame your achy joints on arthritis, did you know that everyday medications can cause joint pain too? Here are… Read More

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Knowing which medications can interfere with calcium can mean the difference between being healthy and being critically ill. Not only is 99% of the calcium in adults found in the skeleton, but we need it for other everyday functions too — from maintaining healthy nerves to regulating blood clotting and muscle contractions. The amount of… Read More

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On May 29th, 2018, Allergan Pharmaceuticals announced a nationwide recall for Taytulla birth control pills over reports that its placebo capsules were placed out of order. Taytulla is an oral contraceptive used to prevent ovulation, pregnancy, and in some cases, acne. Normal packaging for Taytulla contains 21 pills with hormones, followed by seven placebo pills without hormones… Read More

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If you’ve been able to control your high blood pressure with the same hypertension medications for years, it’s tempting to hold the course — but don’t. Older medications can cause serious side effects, and updated guidelines for treating high blood pressure are released every year with recommendations for current best therapies. It’s natural for newer… Read More