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If you’re over the age of 50, you may have started to experience some of those difficult menopause symptoms. Hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, osteoporosis…not fun. Luckily there are medications that can help you through menopause. But are they affordable? One of the more commonly prescribed estrogens to treat menopausal symptoms and prevent osteoporosis is… Read More

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Eliquis is a common anticoagulant medication that helps prevent blood clots, stroke, and pulmonary embolism. Common, but not cheap: cash prices average around $488 for a 30-day supply. Currently, there is no Eliquis generic alternative available, but one could be available as early as 2018. Since Eliquis tends to be a maintenance drug, taken for… Read More

If you take prescription drugs to treat a chronic illness, it’s possible to save more than 50% off cost of your medication by simply splitting your pills. Sadly, it’s not all that easy to know when pill splitting is all right. Not all pills can be split. However, many doctors and insurance companies are advising… Read More

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Propecia (finasteride) a day works for male pattern hair loss. Hair loss is a huge deal for men, some of whom are willing to pay big dollars for years for their Propecia. Daily use of Propecia for more than 3 months is necessary before benefits are observed, so it does work . . . but… Read More

1) 1 in 4 patients skip meds to save money. If you are doing this, your doctor needs to know. 2) Communicating about the economics of medications is part of your doctor’s job. 3) Your doctor should realize that higher cost means less compliance (you won’t take your pills everyday). We both lose. 4) Both… Read More

In this economy people wonder what to do if they can’t afford their medications. First off, if you can’t afford your medicines talk to your doctor or pharmacist, but do not skip doses in an effort to save money. Here are some important ways to lower the cost of your medications: 1) Ask for generic… Read More