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With drug prices on the rise, you may have noticed that more of your patients are struggling to afford the medications you prescribe to them. In fact, about 28% of prescriptions are abandoned at the pharmacy and never filled, and studies have shown that cost is the biggest reason for this. As a healthcare provider,… Read More

If you’re having trouble getting the new shingles vaccine, Shingrix, you’re not alone. Since it was approved in October 2017, Shingrix has been in short supply and some say this shortage could last well until 2019. According to the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, the demand for has been “unprecedented,” and has resulted in a country-wide shortage. Glaxo… Read More

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Trained as a cardiologist, Dr. Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute, hasn’t shied away from pushing his peers to do better — from being among the first physicians to champion the recall of Vioxx a decade ago, to his embrace of genetics and mobile technologies in his 2012 book, The Creative Destruction of… Read More

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After a blood test, it’s easy to worry about the results. Will they be normal? What problems will they reveal? One of the most common reasons your primary care doctor might call you for an abnormal lab result is high creatinine levels. This usually reflects an impaired kidney function — but not always. If serum… Read More

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We’re always amazed to hear from doctors and pharmacists who use GoodRx to help their patients save money — especially when it’s a matter of getting a medication or not at all. When we saw this tweet from Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), naturally, we reached out to learn more about their organization. We were able… Read More

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Viagra, Symbicort, Plavix — these are some of the drugs that insurance companies stopped paying for this year, leaving many people on the hook to shoulder the full price of often expensive medications. Why? Drugs are dropped from a formulary — as the list of medications covered by an insurance plan is called — if… Read More

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Every day, hundreds of doctors and pharmacists across the US use GoodRx to help their patients save money. We recently checked in with one doctor, Dr. Amie Stringfellow, who runs Milepost Medical in Houston, Texas, to learn how GoodRx helps her direct primary care practice. Direct primary care, or DPC, is a new breed of… Read More