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Medicare cards are now getting more secure. Over the next year, the government will be sending out new health insurance cards aimed at protecting the privacy of the 60 million people enrolled in Medicare. Here’s what will change: Your new card won’t display your social security number. This is the biggest change. Old Medicare cards… Read More

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Medicare offers comprehensive healthcare coverage for seniors 65 years of age and older. But needless to say, it can be confusing. Prior-authorizations, coverage gaps, co-insurance, part D, advantage plans? It can be too much. Here’s the catch – if you don’t know how to successfully navigate the system, you will more than likely be paying… Read More

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We are in the thick of Medicare open enrollment, meaning that seniors 65 and over now have the chance to enroll in—or switch to—a new healthcare plan that could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. Yet surprisingly, only 1 in 10 seniors voluntarily switch their plan each year, with most members… Read More

As we exit 2016, we can only be certain about one fact regarding the future of health care coverage in America: big changes are ahead. Our healthcare was one of the biggest issues in a bitter Presidential campaign, and President-elect Trump has repeatedly said that he plans to replace Obamacare with something else. We’ll see… Read More

Americans are clearly unhappy about the rising cost of prescription drugs and healthcare, and the leading 2016 presidential candidates have proposed all sorts of ideas to fix the problem. Here’s a snapshot of what the candidates have said on these important issues. Where the Major Candidates Agree It’s hard to imagine Clinton and Trump agreeing… Read More

Americans, get ready for sticker shock at the pharmacy. In 2017, the nation’s largest insurance companies will likely exclude up to 154 different drugs from coverage. If you’re taking one of these prescriptions, your co-pay is about to go way, way up. Last year, popular drugs including Viagra and Qsymia were dropped by major insurance… Read More

Medicare Part D and Advantage plans are meant to help make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors. Ask any senior about their Medicare coverage, however, and you’ll find out that Medicare coverage is far from perfect. Many prescriptions aren’t covered, there are all sorts of rules and limitations, and then there’s the dreaded “donut hole”… Read More

Hidden deep within your health plan is an important document most people never read. Your “formulary”—the list of drugs your insurance company covers—determines whether you’ll share the cost of your prescription with your insurance company or you’ll be stuck paying a high price at the counter. This list can change during the plan year—drugs are… Read More

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High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) are sweeping the nation. In 2015, it’s estimated that 1 in 4 Americans had an HDHP, and many experts predict that HDHPs will become the standard form of health insurance soon. What’s an HDHP? What’s an HSA? High-deductible plans require you to spend a large amount (typically about $2,000) before insurance… Read More

The beginning of the year means big changes in the cost of prescriptions for all Americans. Whether you have insurance, Medicare, or no coverage, you’ll find that the price you pay is likely changing. Here are some valuable tips to save in 2016: If you use GoodRx to save: The beginning of any new year… Read More