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Dear Pharmacy Patient, We need to talk. I’ve been noticing that you sometimes don’t pick up your refills. Often times, you’re shocked at the high price of your prescriptions. Other times, you’re frustrated because you have to wait a long time in line or your prescription isn’t ready. Believe it or not, I get it…. Read More

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Skipping the pharmacy line and getting your prescriptions mailed to you may seem like an easy choice, but as Gayle learned, mail order pharmacies don’t always offer the best price. For years, Gayle had relied on a mail order pharmacy to fill her prescription for estradiol patches, simply because her insurer had offered it as… Read More

You can now find and compare diabetes supplies on GoodRx! Do a search now to see prices for glucose test strips and meters, control solution, syringes and lancets, and more. As you may already know, shopping around online will typically get you a lower price than what you’ll find walking in to your local pharmacy…. Read More

You may or may not have heard the terms specialty medications or specialty pharmacy unless you are one of the people who actually needs one of these sometimes life changing medications. First, what is a specialty pharmacy? Most of the time, a specialty pharmacy will be different from your local retail pharmacy where you stop… Read More

You can now find prices, comparisons, and descriptions for blood glucose test strips on GoodRx. You can search for your preferred brand of test strips from our homepage, or from the search bar at the top of any page on the site. Each page will show you the prices available for your strips, which… Read More

The “little blue pill” Viagra is now available online directly from the manufacturer, Pfizer. In a first move of its kind, the erectile dysfunction medicine is being offered directly on the manufacturer’s website, through a contracted pharmacy. How does it work? First, a prescription from your healthcare provider is still required. You can also use… Read More

Approved by the FDA for weight loss late last year, Qsymia (phentermine/topiramate) was initially available only through a home delivery program, meaning you couldn’t just go to your local pharmacy and fill your prescription. Starting this month however, Qsymia will be available at certain local pharmacies. It still requires a prescription, and the selection of… Read More

Beware of online pharmacies. Surprisingly, one–fourth of consumers buy prescription drugs online. Fraudulent and illegal online pharmacies offer deeply discounted products so it’s tempting to buy your medications without a prescription and at a cheaper price. But wait until you see the real deal. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took action this week against… Read More

The merger of Express Scripts and Medco gives us even fewer choices for mail-order pharmacy options where patients can receive 90 days of their prescriptions at a time. Receiving 90 days at a time has been great for my patients in many ways, but there are some instances where it doesn’t work. For those times,… Read More

In this economy people wonder what to do if they can’t afford their medications. First off, if you can’t afford your medicines talk to your doctor or pharmacist, but do not skip doses in an effort to save money. Here are some important ways to lower the cost of your medications: 1) Ask for generic… Read More