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“I don’t need to worry about drug prices. I have insurance!”   At GoodRx, we hear people say this all the time. After all, isn’t that what health insurance is for? You pay your premium and then insurance pays for your medical bills. Right? If you use GoodRx, you probably already know that prescription drug… Read More

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You’re not imagining things—you really are paying more for your healthcare. In fact, employees are taking on an ever larger share of their medical costs, according to a new report released by Kaiser Family Foundation. In 2018, premiums and deductibles increased faster than wages, and nearly 50% of those covered by their employers pay high… Read More

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The stress of being in between jobs can get exponentially worse once you realize your health is also at stake. Norma, who lost her job a couple of months ago, says she can’t afford to go without her migraine medication—but she also literally can’t afford them without health insurance. Here’s how GoodRx helps her make… Read More

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If you believe the best way to pay for your prescription is with health insurance, you’re hardly alone. After all, that’s why we have insurance in the first place, and that’s what we expect insurance to do—to cover our healthcare expenses. So when we get to the pharmacy, we show our insurance card, fork over… Read More

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David and Linda, both in their early seventies and retired, have had their fair share of health problems—and good medical care doesn’t come cheap. They are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, so their hospital expenses and what are known as medically necessary expenses (think doctor’s visits, lab work, and certain medical equipment) are… Read More

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As drug makers are facing increasing scrutiny over high drug prices, pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) Express Scripts announces that they will be excluding 48 new drugs from insurance coverage in 2019. If you have insurance, it’s time to pay attention. Every year, PBMs like Express Scripts evaluate the clinical value and financial cost of prescription… Read More

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This year has been tough for people with asthma. Pollen season ran especially long and just weeks after it peaked, we now have the California wildfires spreading smoke to the majority of US states and causing a spike in symptom flare ups. On top of that, asthma inhalers today are expensive. Popular ones can cost upwards of… Read More

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The Trump administration recently issued a rule that allows a new kind of health insurance: short-term plans that offer some healthcare coverage for a lot less money than most other health insurance plans. These short-term plans can now last just under a year, with renewals for up to three years. But that lower price means… Read More

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Birth control is back in the spotlight as Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced on Wednesday that he will retire at the end of July 2018. This opens the door for a new Supreme Court Justice who will help shape important legal decisions as well as potentially rewrite old ones – including those around women’s health… Read More

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High-deductible health plans (HDHPs), those that require members to spend a large amount before they see any help from their insurance, are becoming the norm. In 2009, about 7% of large employers in the US offered only high-deductible plans. That percentage has more than quadrupled to 39% today. But just because HDHPs are becoming the… Read More