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To control drug costs and reduce the use of expensive medications, insurers have long relied on step therapy, a restriction on insurance coverage that requires patients to prove that less-expensive drugs are ineffective before getting coverage for a more expensive, higher-tier drug. Step therapy is another form of a prior authorization, but many argue that… Read More

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Amid news of the White House’s new plan to curb high drug prices, a tragic story from 2009 has resurfaced of a woman who died after being denied coverage for her life-saving epilepsy medication. Even more upsetting is that this tragedy was due to a prior authorization, an insurance restriction that thousands of Americans deal… Read More

Medicare is spending more on brand-name drugs even as fewer of these drugs are being prescribed. Through Medicare Part D, the nation’s prescription drug benefit plan for Medicare beneficiaries, total brand-name medications cost 77% more in 2015 than they did just five years earlier, despite the number of these prescriptions actually dropping by almost 20%…. Read More

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Happy National Donut Day! As you’re enjoying bite after bite of scrumptious glazed or jelly-filled fried dough, remember that GoodRx can help you save money on your medications if you’re stuck in the Medicare donut hole. What is the Medicare donut hole? The term “donut hole” comes from a common analogy used to explain the… Read More

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It seems counter-intuitive: People who have insurance coverage through Medicare are finding that they still pay a lot for their medications. It turns out that’s no illusion — people really are bearing an increasing portion of the cost, every year. A new analysis by Avalere Health shows that since 2011, Medicare insurance plans are increasingly… Read More

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Every day, we at GoodRx hear about people struggling to pay for their medications, even when they are routine and relatively cheap generic medicines. And now we have a clearer picture of why. Two new research reports paint an alarming picture of how damaging medical expenses can be, and how poorly prepared a great many… Read More

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Chuck and Lisa, a retired couple from Washington, are among the 40% of Medicare patients who find themselves in the Medicare Part D donut hole and couldn’t afford their medications. Luckily, they are now able to get the treatments they need with the help of GoodRx. The Medicare “donut hole” refers to the prescription benefits… Read More

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Have you ever tried to fill a prescription at the pharmacy only to discover that it wasn’t covered by your insurance? This was a direct result of your plan’s drug formulary. A drug formulary is a list of prescription drugs that an insurer covers and ultimately determines how much a patient will pay for a… Read More

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Skipping the pharmacy line and getting your prescriptions mailed to you may seem like an easy choice, but as Gayle learned, mail order pharmacies don’t always offer the best price. For years, Gayle had relied on a mail order pharmacy to fill her prescription for estradiol patches, simply because her insurer had offered it as… Read More

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Viagra, Symbicort, Plavix — these are some of the drugs that insurance companies stopped paying for this year, leaving many people on the hook to shoulder the full price of often expensive medications. Why? Drugs are dropped from a formulary — as the list of medications covered by an insurance plan is called — if… Read More