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“I don’t need to worry about drug prices. I have insurance!”   At GoodRx, we hear people say this all the time. After all, isn’t that what health insurance is for? You pay your premium and then insurance pays for your medical bills. Right? If you use GoodRx, you probably already know that prescription drug… Read More

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Kayla is a pharmacy technician at a retail pharmacy in Lincoln, Nebraska. She’s been there for the past 1.5 years while also completing her training towards becoming an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She’s a huge advocate of GoodRx because, in her words, “It’s always a good interaction when patients can save money. Then it was… Read More

Even as US health officials set their sights on eradicating HIV, fills for the revolutionary HIV prevention drug Truvada have sharply declined since 2015 as patients face surging prices, poor coverage, insurance biases and skeptical doctors.     Introduced in 2012, Truvada for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a mixture of two medications, emtricitabine and tenofovir,… Read More

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Another month, another round of price increases. This September, six popular drugs saw substantial price increases, by as much as 9.8% in some cases. The GoodRx Index also featured the following trends in the month of September: Flu season is starting. Prescription fills for popular cold and flu medications surged in September. , used to… Read More

Doctors with people and children

In the US, about half of the population takes at least one prescription medication each month. But as a pharmacy technician, you know all too well that the process from getting a diagnosis to picking up a prescription is often complicated. First, patients have to choose a pharmacy to fill their prescription. Then, they have to… Read More

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Are you looking to save on a popular drug like sildenafil, atorvastatin or fluoxetine? You’ve come to the right place!  Deeper discounts on 19 popular drugs are now available at CVS pharmacies nationwide. Our already discounted prices dropped by as much as 70% on these medications: Drug Quantity New lower price Anastrozole 1 mg 30… Read More

Doctors with people and children

We’re excited to put the spotlight on a vital member of every patient’s healthcare team: nurses, who work diligently to ensure patients are getting the right care and medications. Mary Beth, a triage nurse at a clinic in Edmond, Oklahoma, says the best part of her job is “being able to help upset patients turn… Read More

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The stress of being in between jobs can get exponentially worse once you realize your health is also at stake. Norma, who lost her job a couple of months ago, says she can’t afford to go without her migraine medication—but she also literally can’t afford them without health insurance. Here’s how GoodRx helps her make… Read More

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For many health conditions, finding the right medication is often a matter of trial and error. Patients, along with their physicians, are tasked with weighing factors like a medication’s effectiveness, side effects and hassle. Not surprisingly, cost also plays a large part in the decision. What good is a medication if it means you can’t… Read More

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Amid new efforts from the White House to rein in skyrocketing drug prices, like calling for greater price transparency and pressuring manufacturers to limit price hikes, four drugs saw price increases of more than 9% this August. The GoodRx Index also showed the following trends in the month of August: Given an unusually tough fire… Read More