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Lyrica. Humira. Xeljanz. Sound familiar? They should; drug makers spent more than $1 billion on commercials for these three drugs alone in 2017. Given their retail prices—hundreds to thousands of dollars for a prescription—it makes sense, too. But with all the money poured into drug commercials, you’d assume someone was making sure they were informative… Read More

When you use GoodRx, you are choosing to pay without your insurance. But you can ask your insurer to reimburse you or to apply your purchase against your deductible. Here’s how to apply a payment made with a GoodRx coupon to your insurance deductible.     Nearly half of Americans now have high-deductible health plans… Read More

“We have pretty good insurance, but the prescription portion isn’t that good until we meet our deductible.” Sherry and her husband, Scott, are just two of the 43.7% of Americans who have a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), finding themselves stuck with high prescription drug costs until they hit their deductible. Because they both have multiple… Read More

Finally, some good news. This past October, amid efforts by the Trump administration aimed at improving drug price transparency, prices for some popular drugs dropped drastically. According to the GoodRx Index, drug manufacturer Merck reduced the list price for Zepatier by 60% and six other drugs by around 10% each. The GoodRx Index also showed… Read More

GoodRx has completed the largest library of brand-drug savings programs on the internet, featuring over 800 manufacturer discount programs and 1,300 patient assistance programs for more than 1,600 drugs.* This database, which took more than five years of research and development, includes discounts made available by dozens of drug manufacturers, and offers savings for both… Read More

Our offices are packed with folks “getting things done” before the end of the year because they’ve met their deductible and things are “free” now. Here’s what you can think about cramming in before 2019 starts.     1) Take a shot! Immunizations. Make sure your vaccines are up to date. That means , ,… Read More

Everyone agrees that more transparency on drug prices is a good idea. Who’d argue against letting the public know what a drug costs? But nothing is simple when it comes to prescription medication prices, starting with the most basic question: What, exactly, is a drug’s price? In recent weeks, the Trump Administration has pushed to… Read More

Lisa has dedicated her life to being a registered nurse, up until she had to abruptly quit last December to take care of her father, who had become very ill. Since she is an only child and her parents lived halfway across the country, she decided to leave her job behind—along with her health insurance…. Read More

Even as US health officials set their sights on eradicating HIV, fills for the revolutionary HIV prevention drug Truvada have sharply declined since 2015 as patients face surging prices, poor coverage, insurance biases and skeptical doctors.     Introduced in 2012, Truvada for PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a mixture of two medications, emtricitabine and tenofovir,… Read More

Another month, another round of price increases. This September, six popular drugs saw substantial price increases, by as much as 9.8% in some cases. The GoodRx Index also featured the following trends in the month of September: Flu season is starting. Prescription fills for popular cold and flu medications surged in September. , used to… Read More