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Everyone is talking about high drug prices…but what prices are they actually talking about? Just like other products, prescription medications change hands multiple times before they get from the manufacturer to the consumer. Except with drugs, the price doesn’t always go up, the price isn’t always what is actually paid, and it’s sometimes impossible to… Read More

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Diabetes has become one of America’s most expensive diseases, costing the average patient almost $17,000 per year. A majority of that expense is due to the cost of diabetes medications – which are only getting more expensive. Recent data from the GoodRx Index reveals that diabetes medications continue to surge each month. The monthly GoodRx… Read More

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In what appears to an abnormally bad year for seasonal allergies, rates for allergy medication fills are exceeding the last four years by 13%, with some significant geographic variations across the US. Prescriptions are notably higher in the West and the South, with a 19% increase of fills in the West and a 16% rise… Read More

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What happens when the blockbuster drug of the last 20 years goes generic? It gets even more popular. Since Viagra hit the market in 1998, it’s been a massive success and prescribed to over 65 million men thus far. But it wasn’t cheap – one pill of Viagra cost well over $70, and few insurers… Read More

A new drug comes onto the market, promising better results and a better patient experience – but at a much higher price than the existing generic drug. What happens next? It’s a great question. Amid national outrage over the cost of drugs, sometimes new, more expensive drugs actually do bring real benefits. But those benefits… Read More

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In 2013, the New York Times published an expose on the high price of asthma inhalers, in an article headlined “The Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath.” So what’s happened in the 5 years since? Prices have only gotten worse. A GoodRx analysis of cash prices for asthma inhalers shows that prices have climbed about… Read More

assortment of medicines

Spring is officially here – and that means seasonal allergies have arrived. Prescriptions for allergy medications rose sharply in March, according to a GoodRx analysis of a nationally representative sample of US prescription fills, with some interesting patterns in state-by-state trends. Our monthly GoodRx Index report also showed other drug trends for March: The number… Read More

Prescriptions for asthma inhalers surged by over 40% in the San Francisco Bay Area in the month of last October’s Northern California fires in Napa and Sonoma counties, according to a GoodRx analysis of pharmacy data. In Marin County, inhaler prescriptions climbed by 78% in Oct. 2017, with prescriptions in Napa rising by 67% and… Read More

Americans fill a lot of prescriptions – more than 4 billion a year. And it turns out there are some interesting patterns in the state-by-state trends, looking at a representative sample of prescription fill data in the US. The most frequently prescribed drug in more than half the states is levothyroxine, used to treat thyroid… Read More